He is not just a hero, but a hero who can defend his people correct his personal flaws and fight his enemies to get what he wants.
Here is a list of the conflicts a hero faces

At a time in a screenplay, the hero may need to go back to himself to overcome issues around him. These issues if not resolved can be a hitch for him to overcome his bitter rival, the villain. These issues range from his personal problems to the extended personal problems. These series of issues are regarded as the internal conflicts of the main character.

Different kinds of internal conflicts include

Personal flaws
This is the innermost internal conflict. It is related to the physical appearance and makeup, internal morphology and psychological makeup of the main character. It is also related to his behavioral pattern.
If the biology of any of these mentioned above is not in order, the main character feels incomplete. And once he finds out that his incomplete nature affects his fight against the opposition, he feels depressed and conquered.
Bearing in mind the responsibility vested in him, he rises to make himself complete. He faces himself to fix whatever thing wrong with him.
If he is illiterate, he tries to acquire some education.
If he doesn't have a fighting skill, he rushes to get one.
If he is sick, he quickly seeks medical attention.
If his face is deformed, he can go for a plastic surgery.
Getting himself to be normal all gears towards getting himself ready and fully equipped for the main fight.

Relationship issues
The hero may be in one personal relationship or the other. It may be with his girlfriend or his guy. Relationships often come with its problems like unfaithfulness, disobedience, lack of trust and so on. Once any of these problems come up, the main character quickly does all he can to fix them.

Family conflict
This kind of conflict arises when the family members of the hero are not at peace with one another. Family unity offers some strength to its members. The hero needs his family to be at peace so that he can have a peace of mind and enough strength to fight his enemies.

Mission conflict
This kind of conflict arises when all the other characters or the tools that are supposed to back the main character up in his fight against the enemies are not in order. The hero cannot fight alone. He needs a back up. And for him to get a back up, he first of all tries to resolve some issues surrounding those elements and tools that are supposed to back him up.

Extended conflict
This involves all the indirect problems that may affect the hero. These problems may be from his extended friends, friends of friends and friends of relatives.
He doesn't keep quiet. He fights these problems.

The hero, after intermediately fighting against his internal problems, he launches back his fight against his external problems.

Some of the external conflicts include

The Villain
This is the main opposing character. He is the hero's bitter rival. He is the perpetrator of all the evil against the hero and his people. He is the main enemy. All fights are channeled towards him.
The hero and his people put up a synergic fight against everything about the villain. The villain is the reason for the hero's external conflict.

The opposition
This is all the negative effects that accompany the activities of the villain.
The hero also fights them.

The definition of a hero is the character who is always in a fight against evil throughout the course of the screenplay.
There is nothing to watch in a movie if the story is all about idleness, comfort, enjoyment, peace, indolence and irresponsibility on the part of the hero. A movie is all about the repeated emergence of problems and repeated fights by the hero against the problems.
For a writer to write a good script, he must first of all design series of conflicts.

Written by Winston "Winny Greazy" Oge

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