Some people do say ''if you are a civil servant, you cannot write a screenplay''. This is a lie!

Some others do ask, ''If you are a scientist, how on earth can you do an art work such as screen writing?"
The answer is; it is very possible on earth!

Many do think that once you are into something that takes your whole day, you cannot be into another thing that takes your whole mind.

It's possible to combine your normal daily office work with script writing.
All you have to do is:

-streamline your thoughts

-focus on the two; your work and script writing

-imagine and accept both as though they are in the same discipline of study

-share ideas in both

-use an idea from one to solve a problem in the other

-combine the two in one timetable and schedule

-make them of equal priorities

-write a screenplay about the work

-generate ideas and concepts for each, and from each

-determine to make money from both

-teach both to people

-include both professionally in your business profile and CV

-discard other money making ventures, and focus on both

-be determined to carry on with the both

-keep moving

-be perfect in both!

Now you can blend your career with script writing.

***Written by: Winny Greazy

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