"it shall be well", "in my next world", "till we meet again", "in the end, all will be fine; if it's not fine now then it's not the end"
All these expressions we use every day may indicate reincarnation.
Well, we all strongly believe all will be well indeed. We believe every unpleasant situation will change for good. We believe hardship and poverty will one day change to happiness. And we also believe one day we shall all just live without dying.
So when are all these changes going to take place?
Things are still going wrong, poverty is in the increase and people are still dying.

Away from this for now, you need to understand first of all what life is all about.


TWO (2) things make up the human life

The physical body is the physical and genetic makeup of the human life.
It's just the way a human appears physically.
The parents are responsible for this. The parents create this physical body. These parents mate; and then through series of transformations, the female parent reproduces to create the body which looks like the male parent, female parent, or both; in appearance.
But certain features must obviously make it the either of the sexes; that is being male or female.
Those features include the type of reproductive organ, hormonal secretion pattern e.t.c.

The spiritual soul is the 'life' of the physical body.
The physical body doesn't function unless this spiritual soul enters into it and becomes part of it.
The soul takes up this physical body's organs, makes them perform the functions for which they are created; the nose for smell, the eyes for sight, the tongue for taste, brain for reasoning, e.t.c.
The soul makes its creation complete by diffusing into it and transforming it into a human life just seconds after it has been produced; else it will remain lifeless and decompose after some hours.
The creator of this soul is the God almighty himself.
Body and Soul interaction:

The soul makes its way into the physical body just as the body comes forth into existence through the female parent; i.e. at birth of the body, which will be either male or female.
If the soul doesn't do its job, the body will have no life. Humans call this 'still birth'.
When the body was in its female parent's enclosure, it shared its female parent's soul. This sharing is through some connections between it and the female parent. Humans call one of these connections, 'placenta'.
At this interaction with it and the female parent, it had a little life that allowed it to form its full body. On living the parent's enclosure, it awaits a soul for its own life. If a soul helps it, it lives. But if a soul doesn't help, it becomes lifeless.

Souls which can be feminine or masculine are indestructible. They belong to the almighty God.
The aim of creation of these souls by God almighty is for the souls to interact with the physical bodies created by existing human life (parents), to produce a human life.
Now, God wants this human life produced to always reverence and worship him. But then, he doesn't want it to be corrupt.

The body is always obeying its parents who created it physically, thus tending to mundaneness. This brings about materialism and committing sins.
The soul is always obeying the almighty God who created it spiritually, thus tending to good morals.
It's the duty of the soul to keep the body in the good track. If the body sins, the soul has sinned automatically.

Now that the soul belongs to the almighty God, its creator; it must return to him in purity. If anything is short of this, it must remain and keep on interacting with different bodies until it's able to control a body, make the body righteous and itself be transformed into purity; and then it may be worthy to return to its creator.

This series of changes in the relationship of a soul and a body in which the soul interacts with a body and then from that body to another (with the aim of the soul being transformed), after which these different bodies may have died successively, is the bases of reincarnation.

The soul and the body are always in an interaction provided they are together to bring about a human life.
For them to be in interaction, it means there will always be an inequality.
The soul merges its functionality with that of the body.
The functionality of the soul is controlled by its activities from the past human life it reincarnated from.
Its aim is always about transformation; and because of this, it will tend to avoid certain mistakes it made from its last interaction with the body which made up that human life.
It will also tend to initiate some changes that will help it take control of the body it's currently in interaction with, in order to attain its desire; transformation.

Meanwhile, the functionality of the body is controlled by the physical and genetic combination from its parents.
The both parents have different body existences that they combine through mating to produce the body which will now posses its own unique type of existence.
The body is more of physical; so all it does is to enjoy physical pleasures, and then detests pains.

The differences in all these aims and functions of both the soul and the body bring about struggles between them.
The struggle is all about: 'who gets what it wants?'

The soul gets into the body upon the body's birth, and all the soul knows is that it has gotten into a physical body, therefore let human life begins.
Now, not every soul knows exactly the kind or model of the physical body it's entering into.

A feminine soul can enter into a male body. In this case, the human life here will be that of a man who behaves like or has the characteristics a woman. Humans may call him a 'gay' or whatever.
So also, a male soul can enter into a female body. In this case, the human life here will be that of a woman who behaves like or has the characteristics a man.

There is a case where the love or hate of a soul towards the body it's in interaction with grows.
Its love can grow when the physical appearance of that body is beautiful.
This beauty in appearance may include: handsomeness of the male body, beauty and slenderness of the female body, good height, dexterity, fitness e.t.c
Its love can also grow when the background or environment in which the body situates is interesting.
This may include; intelligence, affluence, neatness, probity, honesty, good health e.t.c.
All these qualities are brought about by the parents who produced the body.
But in the absence of all these good qualities, the hate of the soul towards the body may be higher.

The soul may think about leaving the body if almost everything about the body is no longer favourable.
The background or environment and physical appearance of the body has to be pleasing, or else the soul despises it more.

A prolonged presence of this situation may lead to a resolution by the soul to abandon the body and look for a better one. This is where 'one thinks of committing suicide'.

On the other hand, a soul may work very hard to ensure it retains its stay in the body it's in interaction with.
This situation arises if most things about the body; ranging from its physical appearance, to its background is beautiful.
Here, the human life takes absolute care of itself to make sure its life continues.
It avoids accidents that may dismantle its beauty and goodness.
It enjoys most things about it and thus loves its living.

Still on this, there are ways the soul can leave the body. It can do so deliberately or mistakenly.

For deliberate, it can be through suicide.
For mistake, it can be through accident, illness and carelessness.

This carelessness can be brought about by another human life where for instance the human who is a driver of a bus well loaded with passengers loses control and crashes everybody to death.

But the most important thing is that when the soul leaves the physical body, it reincarnates into another body to form another human life.

Another important thing is that the soul belongs to the Almighty God.
Its successive reincarnation is to attain a transformation into righteousness in order to go back to its owner.
That is to say, it must be transformed; and therefore, it must reincarnate.

An important issue for the Christians is that Jesus Christ's soul entered into the physical body made by Mary through the Holy Spirit.
After Jesus' death; through the Holy Spirit again, that physical body was destroyed.
Then Jesus' soul ascended into heaven.
Jesus lived a good life while on earth, so his soul went back to God.
If he had lived a bad life, he would have reincarnated.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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