A fight against any impediments that withhold your hero from conquering his oppositions can be regarded as your hero's internal conflicts.
A fight against these oppositions is regarded as your hero's external conflicts.

These impediments are a stumbling block to your hero. They disturb him and make him weak to face his enemies.
These impediments are not friendly to him. They need to be checked! And Your hero needs to fight his oppositions!

Below are some of the internal conflicts;
  1. A fight against weakness
  2. A fight against illiteracy
  3. A fight against poverty
  4. A fight against lack of skill
  5. A fight against deformity
  6. A fight against physical & psychological Incompleteness
  7. A fight against infidelity
  8. A fight against drunkenness
  9. A fight against laziness
  10. A fight against waywardness
  11. A fight against unsupportive family, and so on.
Those above can also be regarded as personal or internal problems of the main character. He needs to conquer them before going against the external ones.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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