How to date a girl without spending so much money

(1) Date a girl who leaves within.
Proximity helps you reduce the cost of keeping up your relationship with your girl friend.
The main aim of having a girl friend is to have a partner who will always be there whenever you need her. If she doesn't live within, you may have no other option than to always invite her specially to keep you company. And consequent to this, you will always have to spend much money on her transport fares, grand reception and hospitality.

(2) The family should be an average family.
A girl from a poor family will love to be your girl friend basically to earn money from you. Her family is poor, and her dad or mum, or the elder brother will not be financially disposed to endow her with the materials she needs to keep up to her fellow female peers, and the stylish moments in vogue.
An average family is a family that is not very rich, it's just moderate.
A girl from an average family is more often than not in a relationship to have a full experience of it, rather than for money solely. Her family can equip her with the material things she needs so she will not desperately depend on you.

(3) Do not meet her during a shopping spree.
You already know the girl you want to date and the next action is to meet her and ask her to be your friend. Now, If you must take this next action, be sure not do it during a shopping excitement; else she may believe and even be convinced that you are the type that always go on shopping.
Again, do not meet her during an extravaganza.
Meet her during plain occasions or in ordinary events like wedding ceremonies, church service, football match, lecture free period, snack bar, at the hostel e.t.c.

(4) Do not be in a hurry to have her phone number.
Ask for her address instead. Asking for her phone number in a hurry may confirm to her you are too desperate to get her. She may 'open an office' on you, and sending her S.I.M recharge vouchers will now be frequent.
But if you ask for her address, she will note you as a more responsible person who can go extra step for family acquaintances, and consequently marriage. Hence, there may be no need for her to start demanding her own material finances.

(5) Visit her house.
Just like in number four (4) above, if you visit her house whenever you want to see or hear from her, you will not spend. Rather she will be the one to spend. She will have to present kola nut to you.

(6) Let her people know you.
Still like in (4) and (5) above, her parents might eventually turn to be the ones spending and caring for you. They now see you as a responsible man who is brave enough to bring to limelight what he craves for; their daughter.

(7) Have an apartment of your own.
If you do not have at least a room of your own, you may end up with no privacy whenever your girl visits. Or worse still, you may end up paying money to secure a hotel accommodation to obtain the desired privacy.

(8) Let your first date be casual.
Do not go to big restaurants. Do not go shopping. Do not place very pleasant and extraordinary orders. Just take a walk with her, stroll around, watch club football match, walk into a soft drinking spot and have a chilled bottle of her favorite soft drink. Let her hear what you have got to tell her. Let her know what's on your mind about her. Just make everything about this casual. It will help you save some money.

(9) Do not let your first impression at her be a gift or a present.
First impression lasts longer. And if you shower her with presents, you may be forced to keep on doing it. It was your first impression, and again, first impression lasts longer. The girl will now be expecting presents every time.

(10) Do not discuss about material things.
Do not talk about rich and fancy people, events and things.
Such discussion will make her think you belong to the 'A' list category, or that you are connected to them. It will make her too hopeful of your becoming rich in no distant time. She will eventually be forced to start asking you for big money.

(11) Talk about 'you and her', and 'the very good possibilities of being together without troubles'.
Let your discussions be an intimate one. Let it be filled with heart and soul.
This will help her develop cold feet in asking you for 'big money'.

(12) Do not discuss your lofty dreams.
Do not tell her you are awaiting something big. If you do, she will also be awaiting huge spending on her.

(13) Do not discuss your past rich exposures.
She will think the fortunes you acquired still remains. She will start asking for it.

(14) Handle your costly belongings adorably.
Guard them jealously, though not offensively. This will make her believe you worked so hard to get them. She will not think you are the type that has so much money to spend easily on costly materials.

(15) Do not crack expensive jokes.
An expensive joke is usually connected to affluence. If you want to save yourself some money, then stick to mild heart-felt jokes.

(16) Value whatever thing she has; whether valuable or not.
If you do otherwise, then you must provide her with things you feel that are valuable.
Just accept her simple nature else, you will need to pay for her upgrade.

(17) Do not always forbid non colorful things or events that happen around you.
If she finds out you are a lover of colorful events, she will always expect you to make your own events colorful too.

(18) Bargain for prices maturely.
Don't be shy. Just try and bargain for prices of commodities and services whenever you are demanding for them together with her. A girl is likely to note a man that does such as a prudent person. If she believes you are prudent, then you are safe to always save some money for yourself.
Example: As you are going out with her, if you stop a taxi cab, bargain the fare maturely.
Note: Do not over do this, lest she calls you stingy.

(19) Always look just and responsible.
Always dress smartly, talk mildly, be modest, be truthful, be faithful, have an understanding. Most importantly, work hard to earn good money.

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