Start with an action. Begin with something entertaining. Make it something intriguing. Create a hypnotic first impression. Keep your reader or your audience. Raise his curiosity. Raise his hopes. Make him don't want to leave. Make him glued to his sit. Make him continue reading the script. Make him continue watching the movie.

Nobody has time in this life. Everybody claims they have no time at all. Everybody is always in a hurry whether necessarily or unnecessarily. They always claim time is money, or time is whatever.
But one thing, just one thing can make them give up their time. One thing can draw their attention. This one thing is a thrilling and hypnotic scene. Once they turn around and see one, it will not be so easy to turn back and continue moving. The scene will turn up their interest.

The characteristics of this type of scene are that;

  • The environment looks tensed. A few things may appear unusual.
  • The characters will seem to be on an alert. Their countenance will describe their quest for something important. Their postures, positions and clothing will also suggest such. They will also seem to be on the move. Their movement will be a source of anxiety to the audience.
  • The dialogues will seem indistinct. It can be in form of whispers or no dialogue at all.
  • Certain other elements may not be seen fully. They may look shady and unclear.
  • The action that will be in place will be a very dramatic and competitive one.
  • The whole scenario will be very much unusual. It may appear to be something without a complete meaning until a certain moment comes.
  • The whole exercise will be that which the audience will like to witness how it may end.

The points above are the features the first scenes in your screenplay should have.

Another issue about having this great attention-consuming scenes is that it helps the writer introduce his theme.
The audience gets the first hint on what the backbone of the story will be.
-A scene that has the characters carrying heavy guns may suggest thugry, kidnap, robbery or dictatorship.
-A scene that has indistinct sound of human cry of pain and agony may suggest natural disaster, heartbreak, brutality or death.

Again, starting with great scenes can be a way of introducing your lead character.
It can also provide an opportunity to establish and describe some of your characters; and also their skills or talent.
-A character in a classroom, diligently teaching his students before a sudden attack shows that character has a skill; teaching.

Another important issue is that the background and settings in these great scenes can also give information about the kind of environment or culture the whole show will take place in.

Why not make a great move by making your first scenes look great.
Just storm your first scenes. Make them action packed!

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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