Dear actor/actress, writing will make you act better.
Improve your acting by writing. #scriptwriting #filmacting #actors

Whatever story you have, stay in it; let it drive you to the end of it - Winny Greazy

The visuals of whatever stories you have lies in how you write it. It lies in how well your script is structured.

Everybody has a story. The difference is how they tell or write it. You can write yours better.

Thrills! That's all. That's all your audience need.

If u want your screenplay to explode the theater and then thrill the audience, then u must make your characters' dialogue a bomb of excitement.

Write the stories you have. Do not let the stories you don't have discourage you. The stories you have may turn out to be d best - Winny Greazy

Writing a screenplay is born out of the quest to use visual pictures to impact lives positively

You may not be able to say everything, but you can definitely write everything.
Writing! ...better than speaking.

Things will start moving when you start moving. Stories and scenes will start to appear when you start writing your script.

In a good screenplay, the end justifies the beginning – Winny Greazy

To write is to create, to create is to build. Build your screenplay now!

Try and find a good reason why you need to write a good script. This reason will actually help you.

If you do not know how to write a screenplay, then check it here;

Stay still, stay calm and then find out what you really want to write. #writingtips

You wanna make your readers watch your screenplay? Write it in visuals.

Let your dialogue talk about your script - Winny Greazy

Let your dialogue be the only sound of your script. Let it speak of your script. #scriptwritingtips

If you write as often as you eat, you'll definitely become a successful writer. #writingtips

Every day is full of ideas to succeed. Every day is full of stories for a good screenplay #writingtips

If you are going through hell writing your script, keep going; the flame will purify the script.

The best way to write a good script is to fully understand the reasons why you couldn't write a good script. #writingtips

A day is enough to plan a book that will sell forever. Just let your mind focus on you daily ideas. Every day is full of ideas. #writingtips #winnygreazy

A day is enough to plan a screenplay whose movie will sell forever. Just let your mind focus on your daily ideas. Every day is full of ideas.

Use simple words that will make your audience understand you; not 'big words' that will make them be intimidated. #writingtips #winnygreazy @more_scripts

There are many screenplays, but only one thing will make yours stand out. See it at

Do not say what you are; do what you are.
Do not say ''I can write a screenplay''; just write and let us read - Winny Greazy

To write a good script is to have a passion for good scripts. Success is simply the passion for whatever that brings that success.

Screenplay can simply be defined as a piece of writing containing what your audience can watch.

Screenplay writing can be defined as an act of writing what your audience can watch.

Imagine a good end a story would have. Then start writing a script that would have such an end - Winny Greazy

Write your imaginations, but write them from your audience's point of view - Winny Greazy

Write what's on your mind, but edit it to suit what's on your audience's mind - Winny Greazy

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