The word entertainment is what virtually everybody wants to hear. A location where an entertaining event takes place is where everybody rushes to.
Entertainment is what really makes our living very lively. There is something in entertainment that makes people love it. It sucks up their stress, relieves them of their unhappiness and excitedly takes control of their feelings.

However, not every type of entertainment can do this. Some modes of entertainment lack the key factors that enthrall its audience. One of those key factors is; competition.
Entertainment must have a competition inside it before it can truly be entertaining.
It is this competition that makes it dramatic, thrilling, fascinating, tension soaked, amazing, shocking and hypnotizing. It is this competition that creates the suspense.
The competition is among the characters in the entertainment show. It is the conflict, the contention, the quest to outwit one another, the disagreement, and the debate between the characters.

A football match is competitive, and it's entertaining to its spectators.
Boxing is competitive, wrestling is competitive, and these two are entertaining.
Dance competitions are entertaining.
Music video will be very entertaining if it is thrilling, with the characters therein in any form of contention.
Comedy shows will be very entertaining if there are short dramas in between.
A movie from your screenplay will be very entertaining if there is a strong competition in it.

To create a strong competition for your screenplay you must first of all create an incredible antagonist and protagonist.
The issue in contention between the two should also be a highly contentious one. This will trigger a tremendous clash and faceoff between them.
The audience watching a movie produced from your screenplay will be highly entertained.

Written by Winston Oge 'Winny Greazy'

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