A screenplay reader sees a screenplay as a television screen displaying the pictures and motions contained in that screenplay. In other words, he is watching that screenplay.
A screenplay can be regarded as a hard copy of a movie. The reader is watching the movie contained in the screenplay in hard copy form.
One thing is sure; whether it is a hard copy or a screen copy, all he sees is a movie. Don't let him believe otherwise.
Let your reader believe he is watching the movie in your screenplay for the first time by reading the screenplay for that first time.

When a reader picks up a screenplay to read, his internal body organs assume a position just like the times he really watches movies. As he reads on, the response organs perceive his reading action just like where he is watching the movie.
He starts from the first page which has the first scene and perhaps the second scene. He continues with the third scene and then to the other scenes, so convinced he is really watching a movie.
He will explore the story, the plot, the theme, the locations, the actions, the characters, the dialogue, the emotions and the directions therein.
He will eventually get to the end, the 'fade out', and then closes the screenplay.
His body organs will now relax. He may exclaim, ''what a movie!''. He will stand up from his seat or bed, freshen up and either eat, drink or leave the room; feeling very satisfied. He may meet his friends and share his experience with the story and the other things in the screenplay. His friends will be excited, begging him to pass the script along to them. They will be very eager to read it too.

This above is so because the reader is so convinced that the screenplay he read is just like a movie he watched.
But can every screenplay be like a real movie to its reader? This is the big question.

You have seen how a reader sees a screenplay. You need to make your screenplay a real screen written piece.
Take some time to write it the way it should be.

Here is how to write a screenplay so that it will appear like a movie to the reader

From the beginning,
  • hint the story, hint the story set up
  • create a world; create the setting relating to the story
  • show the locations and time
  • introduce your characters
  • describe your characters
  • show or hint what will trigger these characters' desires to obtain what they will pursue all through the course of the movie

As you keep writing,
  • show the effects of these desires and its resultant problems on the other various characters
  • show the protagonists and his quests
  • show the villain and his quests
  • show the series of conflicts; both internal and external conflicts of the protagonist and the villain
  • show the effects of these conflicts on the other characters
  • show the proceedings of various actions, dialogues, movements and directions

Towards the end,
  • show the results of all the activities from the beginning and towards the end
  • show how the good guys are winning the bad guys
  • show the last actions that will bring normalcy

At last,
  • show the return of normalcy
  • show how the good people will rejoice
  • show the peaceful world
  • show the end

If you show all of these and more, your screenplay will be like a real movie to your reader.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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