Themes are everywhere, but let yours teach a fresher lesson to your audience - Winny Greazy

You must start learning the fundamentals of screen writing. You must be in the ground state so that no one can push you down.

If you want to stop copying people, then you have to start thinking of how to make people copy you.
Write a good piece today! - Winny Greazy

If you follow others, you will never reach your own destination.
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If you want to stop copying people's screenplay, then you have to try and make people copy yours - Winny Greazy

If you write what others do write, you will never write what you want - Winny Greazy
#screenplay #scriptwriting

Dear script writer, look more unto the story you have to tell, and not unto the words you need to use

Dear writer, look more unto what you have to teach, and not unto the words you need to use

Let every event around you generate screenplay ideas for you - Winny Greazy #story #scriptwriting

Try and let every event run through your mind - Winny Greazy
#screenplay #story #scriptwriting

Writing is not enough, script writing is king.
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Build your story around your audience; they will love it.

To write a good script is to have a passion for good scripts. Success is simply the passion for whatever that brings that success.

A good structure and lay out for your screenplay will force your reader to start reading it. First impression matters!

Every talent is sleeping inside a man. It is now left for him awaken the one he needs.
Script writing talent is in you. Try and awaken it! - Winny Greazy

You would never know how you managed to finish it if you put your whole mind in writing it #scriptwriting #screenwriting #screenplay.

Verbal argument cannot solve your problem, but writing can. Just write out all your opinion and let your opponent read them.
Save yourself some energy. Be a writer!

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