If you can be decisive in creating a good story for your screenplay or stage play, you can very well adapt yourself in understanding the simple but constructive approach for achieving your aim.
A good story structure is the soul of a screenplay. It is the template which is filled by the other elements of a screenplay.
The other elements are slug line, action, dialogue, characters and the rest.
These elements will not be rooted if there is no story.
Before any writer can think of writing a screenplay, he will first of all develop a story structure.
There is a sequence for a story structure. It is not like it's a conventional sequence which everyone must stick to. It is a sequence flexible enough to allow it to be bent; but then it's still the same pattern. At the end, it will still be like a conventional sequence.
There is a model which is a sequence for story structures. It is like a guideline that will help a writer to develop his own story.
Like I mentioned earlier, you can somehow bend it or rearrange it, but one thing is sure; there is a common convergence point.
All you can do is vary it to help you create something unique.

Here is the story structure model:

  • Manufacture a problematic situation (antagonism)
  • Create the characters behind these problems (villains)
  • Create the characters these problems affect (common people & protagonists)
  • Create the characters that will fight these problems (protagonists & common people)
  • Develop the procedures the antagonism use to drive these problems to affect the common people & the protagonists.
  • Develop the procedures the protagonists & the common people fight these problems and the villains behind them.
  • Produce the final state of each of the groups at the end of the whole events.
The villain must be defeated. The forces of the antagonism must be quelled. The normalcy of the common people & the protagonists must be achieved.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge 

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