Imagine where people are sitting and their attention glued to the television screen. Imagine what they are seeing. Imagine what's on that screen that has taken over their consciousness.
Imagine the images, motions, plot, actions, characters, speech sounds, scenes, emotions, competitions, feelings, contentions, romance, drama, discovery, thrills and the tremendous displays that are ever changing these audiences' countenances and moods. That's what your screenplay should be.

A lot of things can help one write a good screenplay and this is one of them.
If you can imagine what happens in the first scene on a television in relation to the audience's changing facial expressions; and then down to the last scene (say, 20th scene; as long as you can imagine), you can create a screenplay. Not just a screenplay, but a good screenplay with a well defined plot.
A lot of active, physical, colorful and emotional changes that radiate from the screen of a television trigger the psychological and biological changes in the audiences.
Even if you are not imagining it; maybe you are in the theatre and you are backing the screen and facing the audience, you can dictate the genre, the plot, the story structure and other characteristics of the movie from the faces of those audience.

At any scene on the television screen you check the faces of the audience and see tears trickling down their cheek; you can assume maltreatment from the villain or antagonist on the common people or the protagonist.
At another scene you see them laughing, you can assume a comedic display, or a retaliation from the protagonist against the antagonist.
At another scene you see them tensed up, you can assume thriller, action, suspense, deceit.
At another scene you see them just normal, you can assume drama or romance.
If you can follow this sequentially from the first scene to the last scene, you will learn the sequence you can use to write your script.
The sounds of the dialogues can help you define the characters there in. The theme sounds in every scene will also go a long way in helping you have an idea of what the movie is all about, and it will as a result help you in writing your own script.

This approach could be another way of easing yourself of a tough time trying to create a screenplay. Like I told you earlier, a lot of things can help one write a good screenplay and this is one of them.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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