We are script-writers and we are known as creative writers. We live our lives upon this formula:
Imagination < idea < info < writing < character < scene < story < script < book/stage play/screenplay < video < movie < film

The rest are descriptive writers. They write on an already existing scenes, situations and events. They are not creators. They are imitators.
They spice their write-ups with wonderful diction and idiomatic expressions.
They just tune their audience up and make them feel and enjoy the pulse of 'big words' of the language used.

We are the script-writers. Our minds are full of imaginations. We do not take things that happen around us for fancy. We do not take them for granted! Every creature counts - both living and non living does. Every action, movement, behavior from these creatures counts. Every color, every signal, every sound, every shape, every size, every form of these creatures counts too. Everything around us counts. Every location, every scene, every sight, every glimpse; all these count. All these are recorded in us, in our minds. We always imagine their existence. We always use them to form interactive scenes.
With this, we conceive an idea, nurture it, reform it, refine it and then develop it. We go ahead to find out where to channel this idea.
May be we have an idea of how a creature's bad behavior can lead it into troubles.
Or, an idea about how a particular location in an area can affect whatever thing or creature that dwells in it.
We gather all the information about any of these ideas. We examine and determine how best to put it out of our minds, and down on the paper.
This leads us to writing down the imagination, plus the idea, plus all the information so gathered, on the paper.
At this point, as script writers we are, we have determined to make whatever we have written down come alive. To make it come alive, we have to make it real.

In order to make it real, the next thing we do is to introduce characters. These characters will initiate an interaction which will create a scene.
This scene will have some traits or elements exhibited by those characters. Such elements are; dialogues, actions, motions, moods and activities.
All these elements will occur in an arranged and organized way to form a story.
The type of story formed will be based on the inner and physical or outer wants, needs, moods, emotions, way of life, and modes of operations of the characters in fulfilling their desires.

With all the above in place, we would have drafted a script. It is now left for us to decide what to do with our script.
We can decide to transform it into a book. The book can be in prose form or drama form.
We can also make it a stage play. Here, in the stage play, we will now define clearly the various actions of the characters; and also a detailed organization of the scenes and settings. We will also state the various ways this settings affect the characters and their quests.
We can lastly upgrade our script to a screenplay. The screenplay will go through series of productions (spec script, shooting script, actors, crew, casts, recording, and the rest).
This process will yield a video. The video will either be a movie or an ordinary film like a documentary film.

Phew! It has been about creativity all the way.
We are creators. We make things which did not exist to truly exist.
We develop scenes and situations and write on them.
We can also extend the unknown aspects of existing situations; in the sense that we create stories that counter, support, extend, correct or condemn existing stories that occur in real life.
We use little or no 'literal spices'. We are not too semantic. We use the simplest of words to describe the actions of our characters.
We write to educate. We write to make people understand and learn without stress. We are teachers. Our audiences do not need to read our scripts or watch our movies with their dictionaries always close to them.
We write to thrill.

Descriptive writers do not do all these that we creative writers do.
Not too many people are creative writers, but almost everybody is a descriptive writer.
Descriptive writers are often in serious competitions with the other writers like themselves where in a situation they are describing a particular already existing situation or scene. This makes them rely on the use of 'big words' in order to outshine their opponents.
We the creative writers do not have competitors. We do our writings in a more relaxed manner; bearing in mind we can use simple words to create scenes that didn't exist. We adopt the easiest means of imparting a lot of knowledge in our audiences.
The audiences of descriptive writers are always battling with complicated figurative and idiomatic expressions.

We, the creative writers are just creative!

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge 

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