Write down all your night activities; dinner, night bath, sex, dream, nightmare, bed wetting, midnight prayer , vigil in one month and see reasons why you should own a screenplay in the coming month.

Writing down all these for a whole month is even too much for one screenplay.
I have not even talked about writing down your daily activities. I'm only limiting it to just night activities.
This is just to tell you that writing a screenplay is not very hard.
Writing a screenplay is just your ability to take note of certain daily living activities.
These daily life activities form the basis of your story. It is this story you will now turn into a screenplay.
In order words, if you are able to write down a lot of stories, creating a screenplay will just be around the corner.

But how many people can actually have the patience for retrospection. Everybody is on the go. It will be hard to find anyone who will wake up in the morning, pick up his pen and start writing down the dream he had hours back, or the narration of the dinner he had. It will also be hard for someone to come back home from his daily job and then picks up his pen to narrate how his day went by. He will feel very tired to do so.

Well, everything is all about determination. If you are the type who may not be able to creatively manufacture a story for his screenplay, but very determined to write a screenplay, nothing can stop you from taking note and recording your daily activities. You have to begin from somewhere. Then, as time goes on, you may now be able to manufacture stories.

But one thing is for sure; if you can write down you daily activities for less than one month, you can have a screenplay in the coming month.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge
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