Tobi may win the bbnaija N45m prize. Reason? 
Big brother would love the TOBI/CEEC drama to continue even outside the house. 

This time around; CeeC, after Tobi would have won the money might wish she was really in very good terms with Tobi back then while they were still in the big brother house. 
She might want Tobi back into her life and then Tobi might snub her. Or maybe the other way round; it's possible Tobi might still want her, and she might not even give a damn fuck. I know CeeC, that bitch eh?.. 

This intended drama after the show is what Big brother wants. 
This is one of the strategies Big brother uses to market its brand. He would want to keep up the drama right inside our heads even after the show has ended.

Trust we Nigerians and our ever gossip-gullible bloggers nah. Everyone would be sniffing around, curious to know when CeeC would say what about Tobi; or when Tobi would do what, or say what about CeeC.
You can trust the Naija atmosphere nah. Every attention would now be focussed on "Tobi", "the N45m", "CeeC", "Tobi said this to CeeC", "CeeC said this to Tobi", CeeC and Tobi go out on a date", "Alex snubbed CeeC at an event", "Nina's boyfriend abandoned her over Miracle", "Miracle said this to Tobi", "Tobi spends his money with his new girlfriend", "Klohe said she wished she was Tobi's pair", Miracle's girlfriend dumps him over Nina", "Lolu regrets why he didn't spice things up with Anto", "CeeC snubs Lolu at a TV interview", "Tobi talks about Alex, says their relationship in the house was not real". And all of that!!!!

No wonder Big brother applied the "couple thing" in his house for the house mates. He wanted to trigger romance, gossip, jealousy, hate, commotion, love, lust, care, accusations, and plenty dose of wahala. And to maintain these results in the house during the show and even after the show, he evicted the house mates who were not ready to provide the desired results. 
House mates who did not couple very well were all evicted one after the other.  
The Audience were so surprised at the reason the likes of Rico, Teddy A and Bambam were evicted weeks before the end show. The reason is that Rico refused to show his dramatic part. He was just flowing plainly with every house mate. He had no drama to offer. 
Teddy and Bambam tried, but at a point, the romantic fire in both of them died down. They didn't have any other drama to offer. And as result, they were evicted.

Big brother always has a strategy to always keep the thrills on. This makes the drama to linger in our minds, and this is how big brother markets its brand. 

I am not sure our votes about evictions really counted all this while. 
At every point in time, big brother always knew who's best to leave the show. It's his house so he knows how to run it to keep the drama up.

Tobi is the "man of the game". He had a thing or two to do with CeeC, Alex, Anto, Nina and Bambam. These five ladies are the romantic "live wires" in the big brother house.

Big brother would love the TOBI/CEEC/ALEX/NINA/ANTO/BAMBAM drama to continue even outside the house.
And we the audience are waiting. 

Written by: Winston "Winny Greazy" Oge 
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