Title: Luck for Love.

Genre: Romantic Comedy.

Target Audience: Nollywood and Hollywood.

Setting: Lagos, Nigeria.


Luck for Love, this film goes against the view that a woman can't be with a wealthy man just for love. 

It tells the story of George Bello, the heir to a billion naira empire who always pretends to be an okada man just so he can be in the shoes of the poor, to know what it feels like to toil under the sun for your daily bread. And all his proceeds from his okada business he always shares it to the beggars.
As faith would have it, he had an accident while riding his okada, and ended up in the care of Funmi, a beautiful and hardworking young lady who has vowed to herself that she will never marry a rich man because she doesn't want money to change her like it changed her mother. George pretended to have lost his memory just so he can get close to Funmi. To Funmi, George is a good man who makes a living by riding an okada, because of this she fell for him.
Despite the harsh treatment of her mother towards George because in her own words, he is a "lazy, good for nothing okada man", George and Funmi fell hopelessly in love. But all hell broke loose when George's no-nonsense, classy and educated mother paid them a visit and Funmi found out that the okada man that she is in love with is a son of a billionaire. Funmi felt cheated and betrayed by George. Most of all she felt that she had broken her vow. George does his best to prove to Funmi that money doesn't change people, but it is the people who choose to change as soon as they get the money.

Luck for love, is the story of George Bello, who despite being a jet-setting heir with a billion naira empire to attend to, takes it upon himself to pretend to be an okada man just so he can know how it feels like to struggle and toil for your daily bread.
Despite the warnings against the dangers of motorcycles by his high class mother who has seen the trials and tribulations of poverty before God finally blessed her and her husband, George still goes on pretending to be an okada man. All the proceeds from his okada business every day, he shares all of it amongst the beggars. George sees it as a way of helping people.
Julia Bello, George's mother has been pestering George to take a wife. She even went ahead to contact George's ex-girlfriend to get back together with George. George assures his parents that he will take a wife as soon as he meets the right girl who will love him for him and not for his inheritance.

As faith would have it, George ends up having an accident while riding his okada. He ends up in the care of Funmi, a beautiful and hardworking nurse, who although comes from the middle class does not have an ambition to be rich or have anything to do with the rich, because of her mother who used to be very loving and considerate but changed into a monster as soon as she had a taste of wealth. Which is why Funmi openly vowed to herself that she will never get married to a rich man. All she wants is a man who would love her and who she will love and support no matter the condition. Because of this, Funmi's mother despises her and isn't afraid to say it.

Funmi's mother known as Iya Funmi, got married to her husband who was then a very successful bank manager. Coming from a wretched family, Iya Funmi got to taste wealth through her husband and she loved it. Because of this Iya Funmi hardened and developed a somewhat condescending view of the middle class. She has no tolerance for laziness and mediocrity. Things came crashing down on Iya Funmi when her beloved bank manager of a husband got sacked from his place of work and Iya Funmi had to return to square one. She despises and curses her husband for giving her a taste of wealth and taking her back to poverty. Iya Funmi's greatest wish is to leave poverty and never return, her last hope to get this wish is her only child, Funmi. Which is why she struggled to give Funmi solid education hoping that one day she will work in a big company, marry a very rich man and take care of her. That went sour when Funmi decided to work as a nurse in a local hospital and worse she doesn't want to get married to a rich man. 
Iya Funmi tries her best to get Funmi to accept the marriage proposal of Messi, a rich and arrogant Lagos big boy. But Funmi stuck to her promise never to get married to a rich man.

Funmi met George (although she didn't know his name) the kind-hearted okada man who took her to work for free when she left her purse at home. Instantly a strong attraction grew between them although tried to fight it. Due to the accident, George had amnesia and couldn't remember anything about himself. All Funmi knew about him is that he is an okada man. Funmi decided to be George's personal nurse. With the permission of the doctor she took George to her house to take care of him until he regains his memory. 

Iya Funmi hated George immediately she set eyes on him because she felt that he is a nobody trying to latch on to her naive daughter. She sensed that there was something going on between Funmi and him and she didn't like the idea of her daughter having anything to do with an okada man. She made George's life a living hell because she will never allow an okada man to be her son in law.
Despite all of Iya Funmi's cruelty towards George and Funmi, the two main characters found themselves falling in love with each other. Funmi was so happy and grateful to God for giving her exactly what she wanted, a kind-hearted man making a humble living. George also was overjoyed that he had finally met the girl of his dreams who loves him for him. 
Messi, the Lagos big boy who Funmi can't stand catches Funmi and George about to kiss. He promises to deal with George.

The next day when Iya Funmi sent George to buy her medicine some goons attacked George and beat him so bad that he ended up in the hospital.
While all this was going on, Julia Bello was looking for her son all over Lagos. She met Emmanuella (from Emmanuella comedy) who lives in the same compound with Funmi and her family. Emmanuella took Julia to Funmi's house. Julia met Iya Funmi who almost had a heart attack when she discovered George's real identity. Iya Funmi directed Julia to the hospital that George was admitted in. Julia met Funmi and her unconscious son. Julia who wants her son to marry someone from their class told Funmi the truth about George, his family and background. She also added that George is married in order to scare her away. For the first time in her life Funmi felt the pain of heartbreak. She felt George had betrayed her. She couldn't believe that the okada man that she is madly in love with is the son of a billionaire. She had broken her vow by falling for a rich man. 

Funmi decided to leave Lagos to Abuja. George tried to stop her. He confessed to her that he had gotten back his memory but decided to continue pretending to be a poor man when she told him that she will never marry a rich man. He also made her understand that he didn't have a wife. But that wasn't enough, Funmi decided that she could never be with George because they are from two different worlds. He is rich and she is poor. People like them don't belong together.
From that day on George wasn't his self again. He felt that his life had lost value. He even starved himself and didn't leave his room. 

Until one day when someone special paid him a visit. Funmi realized that George is different from any other rich person she had ever met. Though he was born in the lap of luxury, he didn't let it spoil him. He feels strongly for the underprivileged and doesn't see himself different from them and to prove that he decided to be an okada man. Funmi realized that is the kind of man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Funmi and George reunited. Julia and Iya Funmi learnt a valuable lesson never to look down on the poor and most importantly not to judge a book by its cover.

Script Review –
This script is about 70 pages. There are about 64 scenes. The script is formatted in courier font style, with characters title at the center of their dialogues, font size (12).
An Okada. 
A black colored SUV. 
A mansion in Lekki.
A flat in Surulere.
Small leather shop in Surulere.
A hospital in Surulere.

George Bello - Heir to a billion naira empire. He feels strongly for the underprivileged and doesn't see himself different from them. He pretends to be an okada man and ends up finding the love of his life.

Funmi Adewale - A rebellious, young, beautiful and hardworking nurse, who vows never to marry a rich man. She ends up falling in love with George who pretends to be poor just to win her heart. 
Iya Funmi - Having tasted the trials and tribulations of poverty. She has a hunger for wealth. She has no tolerance for laziness and mediocrity. She has a razor sharp mind and a tongue to match. 
Julia Bello - Classy, educated and graceful is George's mother, who wants her son to marry someone from their class. 

Daddy Funmi - Humble and Supportive. He is Funmi's backbone. He tolerates the harsh treatment from his wife.

Tony Bello - George gets his understanding of life from him. He supports his son in his good deeds and scolds his wife for her insensitivity.
Emmanuella - The amebo but smart neighbor who teaches us a secret about mathematics.
Daniel - He is George's best friend. He helps to look for George when he got missing.
Amaka - Funmi's co-nurse and best friend. She also scolds Funmi's on her mentality about the rich. She has dreams of marrying a very rich man someday. 
Messi - The arrogant and proud Lagos big boy, who seeks Funmi's hand in marriage but she always rejects him. 
Vivian Nwankwo


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