A young man’s life is threatened after helping the lady he has always loved escape from the web of her father.

JOE’S life is under threat after helping ANGELA escape the selfish desire and interest of her father to get married to a man she doesn’t love. DR EDWARD feels insulted by his daughter’s act and wouldn’t forgive her. Getting to know that Joe is in love with his daughter, he is ready to frustrate their relationship and Joe has to make a decision; continue the relationship and risk his life or quit the relationship and lose the one he loves.

ANGELA is in a state of dilemma as her father’s wish for her to get married to a man she doesn’t love forms a web around her. The only one she could trust is JOE and the young man is ready to go any length for the lady he has always loved.
     Reuniting with her biological mother, MRS. MELISSA gets to know about her ex husbands selfish desire and she wouldn’t allow the mistake she had made happen to her own daughter by marrying the wrong person. Joe on the other hand faces challenge from his uncle who is a friend of Dr. Edward for helping Angela escape but Aunt Sandra backs Joe up and doesn’t see anything wrong in helping Angela escape the evil desire of her father.

Three years passes by and Angela secures a job as a medical doctor having completed her studies and other necessary professional requirements. She decides to meet her father to reconcile hoping three years would have helped to clear the air but her hopes her dashed. Dr. Edward wouldn’t forgive her and despite advice from Angela’s step mum, the old man is not ready to let go of his decision.
     Angela’s greatest fear becomes a reality when Joe proposes; she turns down the proposal but there is more to her decision as there are secrets which she finds difficult to spill out of her mouth. Joe is informed about Angela’s little secret yet he accepts the condition attached and is ready to take her to the altar. This decision of his creates another twist as Dr. Edward gets to know about the wedding plan and decides to take laws into his hands. Joe is taken captive and after spending some hours in an unknown house, his mindset changes and he calls off the wedding.

True love has a price to pay and that is what these two lovers must know; the hurt and pain attached becomes a threat on its own and finding out that Angela is pregnant, Joe decides to behave like a real man. They reconcile after some sleepless nights and embark on their marriage plan, though there is a father whose consent is relevant to their plans.
     One year comes in a speed of light and what seemed to be a happy union turns out to be a lasting memory as Angela passes on, leaving behind a daughter who is the only comfort for her demise.

This script is about 80 pages numbered on the top right hand corner; the scenes are about 58 scenes, some of which are the narrations being made by Joe who tells the story. The story is formatted in the courier final draft format with font size 12. All other formatting for Heading, Character, Dialogue and transition follows the professional formatting guidelines. 

- Dr. Edward’s house will be a standard bungalow for a wealthy medical doctor.
- Mrs. Melissa and Aunt Sandra’s houses will be for single parents; good looking and comfortable sitting room.
- Joe’s house should be a standard one but less expensive than that of Dr. Edward.
- Angelas’s bedroom (Dr. Edward’s house) should have that feminine look.
- Hide Out (room) should be spacious with furniture and a mattress
- Mike and Joe’s office should have table two chairs and laptops respectively
- Tricia and Angela’s office should have a table three chairs, a laptop and telecom respectively.
- Dr. Charles office should have a table, two chairs and a settee
- The hospital ward should have a clinic bed and mattress, a cupboard for drugs, three sets of chairs.
- A good looking eatery not that crowded and meant for VIP’s.
- A church setting is also required for the wedding scene

-  Two cars are needed; one driven by Joe; the other parked in Dr. Edward’s house 

-   JOE: A young man between 28 – 32 years; smart, outspoken, well mannered and a fast thinker but circumstances could make him take hard decisions.

-   ANGELA: Between the age of 25 – 29 years; a slim and beautiful lady. Smart but emotional when faced with challenges. A little secretive and never willing to hurt people she loves.

-   DR. EDWARD: Angela’s father. A 55 – 58 years old man, pushy and will never take no for an answer. Ready to go any length to challenge anyone who poses a threat to his success

-   AUNT SANDRA: Joe’s aunt. About 48 years of age; a no nonsense woman who wouldn’t give in to threats. A disciplinarian but open hearted to understanding situations 

   MIKE: Joe’s friend and of the same age range

-   TRICIA: Angela’s friend and of the same age range

-   MRS. MELISSA: Angela’s biological mother; between 51 – 54 years

-   MRS. LAURETTA: Angela’s step mother. About 48 – 52 years old

-   DR. CHARLES: Joe’s uncle and a good friend of Dr. Edward. About the same age range with Dr. Edward.

-   PRIEST: The parishioner who weds Joe and Angela. About 40 years old.

-   SLIM: Well built young man of about 35 years.

-   HEFTY: Well built and about 35 years old.

-   DIRECTOR: A 40 year old man; reserved but wants his job done perfectly 

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