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In a Society where the penalty for kidnapping is outright death, a Kidnapper commits a mortal offense against a Man of God by kidnapping, defiling, and subsequently killing his only seven years old daughter. Having gotten all the evidence he needs and in a bid to seek justice, it is revealed to him that the Kidnapper is God’s future instrument to save thousands of souls. A battle line is now drawn between the spirit and the flesh, and a decision which will change the face of society.


The movie begins with the happy family of Reverend James, as they are seen having their breakfast while getting ready to launch out for the day, even as the kidnappers lament on their lack of funds and discuss the need to go for a hunt. Their discussion didn’t go well as some made known their intentions of kidnapping the Project Supervisor of their Leader, Peter Ken. Rev James is later engaged in Counseling Sessions in his office, while some of the kidnappers make a stroll in the school, only to be met by an act of unfair treatment of a student by a Lecturer. 

They offer to be of help to the student by offering the opportunity of joining their gang, which he accepts without any sense of judgment. Rev James and his Assistant plan on the possibility of fixing a date for their Crusade by August; the decision later breeds a serious disagreement in Rev James’ home as the wife seriously opposes. 

The news has already gone viral, even to the kidnappers den. While celebrating their recent Ransom collected on the head of Dr Stephen, they are again met with the news of the lucrative sums the Church has earmarked for her upcoming crusade; hence they decide to go for the fattest cow – Rev James’ daughter, Miriam. After a well-thought out plan, the gang proceed in executing their plan until the little girl is finally in their nest. The Security Forces are now on the loose as plans are set up by both the Church and the Police. The Church offers to pay the ransom, but the Police keep reiterating the fact that Government would never negotiate with kidnappers; that the penalty is outright death. On hearing the torment being meted on her daughter by the kidnappers, 

Mrs James slumps and becomes unconscious 4 With the wife in hospital and his daughter in kidnappers den, Rev James goes to God 'confrontationally'. In the midst of his prayers he is visited by a strange face, Peter Ken, who presents all the details about the kidnappers to him and offers to liaise with him in a bid to nail his former friends. Just when Rev James thinks he has gotten all the answers he prayed for, he is visited by the Angel of the Lord who tells him to desist from seeking justice; that the Kidnappers’ leader is God’s future instrument. 

Coming to the knowledge that his Assistant has the same Message from the Lord, he gives up his revenge seeking quest, despite the sight of his dead daughter. Meanwhile, the ‘instrument’ of God, Jack, escapes a bomb blast expertly set in their car by Peter Ken in a bid to destroy them and avenge himself after they made him miss a lifetime job in Germany: though the bomb kills all other gang members. Later touched by the Holy Spirit coupled with all the Bible Studies he’s been doing, Jack is broken in spirit and totally surrenders to God. 

He is now seen as the greatest Evangelist of his day, as Rev James and his Assistant see through a newspaper advert and gives God praise for the mysterious ways He works. Finally, Mrs James gives birth to twin babies: a boy and a girl. 


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