Movie Title “Josephine”

The beginnend of the story begins in the village where Josephine been called the tigress or man- woman because she like fighting with everyonewho provokes her, man or woman it doesn't matter to her she can fight all of them.
Little background of Josephine; Josephine a 23 years old intelligent lady leaves with her father Mazi Okoro, stepmother mama Ngozi, half brother Kenneth 22 years and half sister Matilda 21 years ( Kenneth and Matilda have the same mother: mama Ngozi). She want to  become an engineer  but her father do not agree with her choice. Josephine lost her mother when she was 15 years old. Mazi loves his daughter he always calm her down when she is angry.

You will see in the movie fights between Josephine and in the village, she will go to the water stream to look for trouble with other damsels. She is rude to the elders when they come to look for her father, she insults her stepmother, brother and sister). Josephine wears man clothes ( big t-shirt andtrouser or shorts). She doesn't want to go to church because she can not wear her trousers, Mazi bought her very nice and expensive African clothes but she will not wear them. She will sell them and keep the money. She moved with young men who like to smoke in the village, she will cooked and bring the food to them. They will eat and dance in an incomplete building.

You will see the elders in the villagediscussing  her with the Egwe for her to be banish, the women group also discussing her, the damsels she always fight with are discussing her.

The youth also discussing Josephine with her brother Kenneth and sister Matilda and they vowed to make Josephine life miserable in this village.. The woman group gossipingabout her with her stepmother mama Ngozi and telling her she and her husband are to soft on Josephine and she need to show her who is the boss in that house.

Mama Ngozi, Kenneth and Matilda are solid behind the women group and youth organization and are ready to take any action against Josephine. Mazi Okoro is not happy about all of  this and the elders do not bother to invite him at the meeting. He is fed up with everyday complain about his daughter Josephine. He has pleaded with Josephine several times but she remain adamant. The only option Josephine gave to her father is to send her to the university the same way he has send Kenneth, and soon Matilda will also go to the university so if he want peace to rain in the family he must also send her to the university because the is no way she will allow her younger sister to go to the university before her. Mai Okoro loves his daughter Josephine and talk with her very calmly, he said even if he do not agree on her decision he loves her to much that he cannot let her continue to leave this kind of life. Josephine said she was at college  straight A student and that is because she love to learn and it keeps her focus. Engineer is not common for a woman but it is her choice. Mazi Okoro now agreed on one condition that from today he do not want to hear anything about her in this village even if she is provoked, and asked her to promise him that. Josephine swear on her mothers grave that she will stop. The next day Mazi Okoro gave Josephine money to go and register at the university. Mama Ngozi was not happy about that and tried to convince her husband not to do it because it is waist of money and beside the family do not have that kind of money. Mazi Okoro said to his wife that he do not want his daughter to be banishedfrom the villageif nothing is done. She then asked where did he got the money? He said he has sold some of his properties and land. Mama Ngozi got angry about this revelation.

She quarrel with Mazi about it, infact it was so bad that MaziOkoro felt pain in his chest and felt and died.Josephine was there when it happened, she fainted when the doctor declared him dead.

The whole village were blaming Josephine for the death of her father. They said she has force her father to sell his property all in the name of becoming an engineer. They also said how can she be so selfish not even considereing that the family. After the burial of Mazi Okoro, Kenneth threw Josephine out of the houseand said that the house belong to him and that there is no way he can leave with a murderer. Josephine did not fight Kenneth because she just lost her father and remember what she promise her fatherbefore he died, and beside she doesn't want to be banished from the  village and never see her grandmother nkechi who she loves very dearly. Her grandmother nkechi is her only hope so she move out of her fathers house and stayed with her grandmother till she sarted her education.

Will Josephine follow her dream of becoming a female engineer or will she be call Josephine the tigress?

Funny part of the village parts;
1)      one of the elder come to visit Mazi Okoro Josephine brought water and dried fish but instead of given to the elder she drink the water herself and start eating the fish  and called him hungry elder and that his name should be called ”  Mazi long trough”
2)      Mama Ngozi asked Josephine to fetch fire wood and prepare the food for diner. Josephine look at her stepmother and asked her why she is not sending her daughter or Kenneth to do it. Josephine said now that they are home now they can take over the household so that she also will have holiday. Mama Ngozi felt insulted and complain to her husband but he also said that Josephine is right after all she is the one doing all the house jobs. Mama Ngozi complained that Kenneth and Matilda are learning for their exams so they can not do it. Mazi disagree and told her that it is mama Ngozi that he married and that she should make sure his food is prepare before he comes from cancel meeting. She cooked the food but did not save some for Josephine so Josephine eat part of what mama Ngozi saved forKenneth and Matilda. She complained to her husband and her husband asked if Kenneth and Matilda help her cooked the food? She replied no and Mazi said then why Josephine food is not served since none of his children help her? She was again angry and said her husband always choose Josephine side and that he never see her doing wrong.
3)      Peter is an drunkard older ( the same age group as Mazi Okoro) who likes Josephine and  always called her his wife because she always give him food. Josephine and Peter are very good friends. Mama Ngozi is not happy that Josephine waisted the family food to the drunkard. Peter always make fun of mama Ngozi with Josephine.
He said to Josephine that mama Ngozi is jealous because of he prefer Josephine and not her, so they laugh. Peter always come to the house Mazi Okoro do not complain to much, sometimes he give him money. Mama Ngozi do not like the idea her husband and Josephine entertain peter the drunkard.
4)      Emeka is one of the youth members, when he see the members he has big mouth about what he will do to her but when he sees Josephine he is afraid when he is asked to repeat what he said about Josephine and begins to stammer. The youth mocked him and calledhim stammer Emeka.

Very fortunate Josephine wins a scholarship to the university. The money her father gave it to her after selling the land she will use it to support herself. Josephine got the blessing of her grandmother and left the village for the city, she went to the same university where Kenneth and Matilda also are. At school Kenneth and Matilda always gossiping about Josephine with classmates and mocked her. They said she killed their father, Josephine got angry and beats Kenneth and Matilda at school, that made the principal very angry and sacked all of them. After Josephine grandmother pleaded with the principal she was again aloud to continue her studies. Mama Ngozi also pleaded on behave of her children. After a bigwarning from the principal they where all allowed to continue and promise not to let it be repeated again. The principal made also one arrangement for Josephine and that is for Josephine not to stay anymore on the campus. Instead at the private boys quarters and the is one room available. Since Josephine wins the scholarship the accommodation will be full paid. At the quarters leaves 4 male students who are doing the same course like Josephine and very smart guy. Mama Nkechi and Josephine do not like the idea but that was the only option she had and that was final. The principal also said that the female students all are afraid of her. The principal insist that this is his final decision and the same rules at the boys quarters as at the campus. If she did engage herself in any fight she will be sacked.

Josephine did not like that idea but she felt her education is very important so she agreed. Her grandmother warned her before she left to the village. She was place is the house with Nelson ( who love to club and exadruat things) his father works at the oil company, Mike ( a reserve guy who normally do not talk much, very smart ) his father is the King of the village where he comes from, Chidiand Festus ( womanizers and loves to joke arround) Chidi’s father is a bank manager and Festus father a medical doktor. At the boys quarters Josephine  became good friends with them (except Mike who is reserved to her). They gave her a new name and called her “Joseph”the tiger. Josephine was clubbing with the guys and sometimes quarrel with them. Anytime they go out Mike and Joseph will quarrel very bad, because Mike thinks she is a lesbian and she will scare the females away from the club and that none of the ladies will approach them. And also he thinks it is a disgrace that she always where trousers and hats or big short trousers with big t-shirt.

Quarrel between the men;
1)Joseph tells Mike that the only way why the female will look at him twice is because of his friends and that Mike do not even have the balls to call one of the female students and say hi to them and her is he blabbing. Josephine also calls Mike a softy and say he is a disgrace to Mike Tyson if they are in somehow related. The insult was so much that they almost fight, Nelson, Chidi and Festus has to separate them.

2) Nelson, Chidi, Mike, Joseph and Festus discussed what kind of people they meet in the club when they go outt and make fun of each other and make fun of some of them. Festus mocked Chidi that one of the lady's mouth smell very bad when she said hi to him.  And Chidi says on his turn that Festus girl he met in the bar do not have teeth and that his grandmother have more theet than the lady. Then Chidi and Nelson mocked Nelson girl in that her breat almost felt out her shirt when she was trying to fix her shoe. They even show how she did it and repeat it and Nelson threw pillow at them.Nelson asked Festus what kind of lady does Mike attract? Then Joseph reply why do you asked him? You know Mike takes his exam in the club there is why he want to discuss about mathematic. Mike got angry at Joseph and tried to hit Joseph and tells Joseph go to look for a woman and stop hiding of her lesbianism. He also said that because all of the guys in her village slept with her and dump her ugly ass that is why she is angry at everybody especially the men. He asked if she is not an lesbian how come she love to call herself Joseph???? The rest of the guy got angry at Mike and says he got to far this time and that it was just a joke. Mike slam the door and left the room. They all asked themselves if everything is all right with Mike.

Meanwhile Matilda and her roommates ( Cynthia, Uche and Nkem) are clubbing and dating rich men while in school. They also sleeps with their lecturers in return for good school results. Matilda likesNelson but Nelson only want to sleep with herand nothing serious. At her last year Matilda drops out of school and married one Haladji, a very rich politician. She held a very big wedding at her village, all of them went to the wedding exceptJosephine. She stayed at the campus. Mama Ngozi was very happy her daughter is getting married to a rich man.  She even became the women group leader all the women where praising her.  Her son in law bought her a big car and sponsor the women group and youth in her community and Kenneth got a Job at one of the oil company.

Mama Ngozi was now the most popular womenand well respected in her community. She became friends with everybody except her mother in law mama Nkechi ( late Mazi Okoro’s mother). For some years now mama Nkechi do not like mama Ngozi, both of them are like cat and mouse.

Background mama Nkechi; mama Nkechi has 2 children late Mazi Okoro and a daughter Nkem. Mama Nkechi and Mama Ngozi mother where best friend. She supported Mama Ngozi to marry her late son when but her son prefare to marry the mother of Josephine. Mama Nkechi at first did not like the mother of Josephine and wanted Mama Nkechi to marry her sun. But when Josephine mother got pregnant she accepted her as her daughter in law and that made mama Nkechi very angry and disappointed.  But when she learned that Josephine mother will not be able to give birth again after the difficult birth of Josephine and almost lost her womb. Mama Nkechi found out that mama Ngozi was sleeping with her son, she became pregnant in process and Mazi Okoro married her.

Now back to the story:
In the last year of her study Josephine became good friend with 2 female students ( Rebecca and Jennifer). Rebecca and Jennifer sometimes teases Josephine  with her look. They asked her why she is not wearing make up and skirts and female stuff? The 3 of them made a bet that she will start to wear classic ladys clothes and bet within 2 days she will have a guy who will asked her on a date and if that  happend then she will start wearing ladys clothes from now on. They did the bet and Rebecca and Jennifer won the bet so Josephine was force to to wear ladys clothes from now on. They hey help her picked clothes and stuff. Three months before the graduation Josephine was no more comfortable leaving with the guys at the boys quarters so she decided to move in with Rebecca and Jennifer/. Nelson, Chidi and Festus always tease Josephine and saying she is sexy and hot and stuff like that. But before Josephine moved in with the girls she was confronted with something. One day one of the teachers ( teacher Ammachi) was looking at her the whole time in the class room, he confronted her and told her that she is very beautiful and that she is doing well anymore in school and that she can resolve it by sleeping with him. She was very angry and wanted to hit him but he hold her hand and told her if she attacked him he will report her to the principal and she will be sacked from school because there is nobody who will believe her.He gave her an ultimatum and said is valid till 2 days and nobody have to know about it and if she do not agree she can kiss her study goodbye.

When Josephine came home at the boys quarters it was only Mike who was at home at that time. Nelson, Festus and chidi went home for the 1weekholiday in their village.  Mike did not go to the village because he has some Assignments to make.
Because the rest of the guys where not around to talk to so Josephine went in her room and cried. She didn’t want Mike to know about it because she is not in good terms with Mike.  Mike heard Josephine crying from her room and went to check on her. But when he asked her what is wrong she immediatelyrespond the is nothing. After a while she came out of her room and her eyes where swollen because of her crying, Mike notice it and asked her again and say to her if there is something he can help he is willing to help her no matter what. Then Josephine explain what happened, Mike then got angry and said to her that she should not say anything to anybody not even to Rebecca and Jennifer. He also told her that Nelson, Chidi and Festus where discussing this morning how the teacher was looking at her in the classroom and they all notice it. So Mike told her that he has a plan. He then came up with a plan and said that Josephine will go to meet him and do as the teacher asked and leave the rest up to  him.  Mike take Josephine cloth measurement and went to the shopping center but before he left  he told Josephine to go to the salon and fix her hair  and take a badand that he will be right back.

Mike returns with a small bag and gave it to Josephine to wear. Josephine take a look at what Mike bought for her and asked Mike what is the meaning of this? Mike replied that that is the only way she can seduce teacher Ammachi into the hotel room. Josephine insult Mike and said that Mike want to ridicule her so that he can later laught with the rest of the guy. She also said to Mike that he can wear the cloth himself and go and screw the teacher. Mike was disappointed and left the room. But after 1 hour Josephine went to knock on Mike’s door and apologized to him and that she did not mean it and that she is not herself because of the whole situation. Mike accept her apology and went on with the plan. 

Josephine looks gorgeous in the dress Mike didn’t belief his eyes. Mike and Josephine went to the Hotel where teacher Ammachi suppose to meet her. When they arrived, Mike went to hide so that teacher Ammachi will not see him. Teacher came short after that and saw Josephine and did not belief his eyes. He was so excited that he immediately wanted to enter intothe room as Mike predicted. When they enter the room she undress him until he was wearing only a pants and she made him ly on the bed. She then claptwice in her hand. After that she saw two  people entering the room ( the principal and an police officer). Teacher Ammachi was arrested and sacked from the school. They principal apologized to Josephine and told her that her results where very good and that teacher Ammachi was trying to intimidate her for him to just sleep with her. Also the principal admit that there was an investigation going on about teacher Ammachi and that they where just waiting until the right time to arrest him.

Because Josephine wanted to move with Rebecca and Jennifer before the rest of the guys comes back. Mike offer to help her bringing  her stuff at the campus. Josephine thanks Mike and give him a small gift but Mike did not like the gift and give it back to Josephine.

On the last three month before the graduation Josephine moved in with Rebecca and Jennifer. Josephine ignore Mike for the rest of school year. When Mike wanted to talk to her she will walk out on him or she will only great him and nothing more. Everybody saw that but everybody know that the two of them are no friend. But still all of them are saying that they are now two growing people and that they should not behave like that because of a gift that Mike refuses. And that is very childlisch of them. Josephine was very close with Nelson in the last 3 month, Nelson help Josephine with the last school assignment. Chidi and Festus teases Nelson to be lucky. Nelson denied that the is something between them and that there are just friends like before.

They all graduate from the university and takes pictures with each other. On the day of the graduation photo’s Josephine stand more next to Nelson and Rebecca and Jennifer.

After the graduation Josephine left to the village to spend some time with her grandmother. Her grandmother was so happy to see her. After three days Josephine was not feeling well and begun to vomit. Her grandmother was looking at Josephine and takes her inside the room and asked her when was the last time she had her period? Josephine looks down and her grandmother asked her if she was pregnant. Josephine denied it but her grandmother insist. Josephine finally admitted. Her grandmother asked who is responsible she told her grandmother that the man in question is a married man and she do not want him to know about it. Her grandmother was not happy about the situation but kept it a secret. Josephine arrange with her grandmother that after the birth she will leave the baby with her and go back to the city to look for a job.

Very soon the whole community found out Josephine was pregnant. The gossip was all over the place that she do not know who the father of her baby is and also calling her a prostitute and after killing her father and waisted his land money she just went to prostitute herself. The woman group even decide to not speaking to her and that she is a disgrace to the youth. They where all saying that she will have bad influence on the rest of the girls . They all say that no one should talked to her. People where laughing at her. Because the insult was to much to bear she decided to go to the city. Nelson asked her to come and stay with her so she left.

When she arrived in the city Nelson was shocked to see her heavily pregnant. Nelson propose to Josephine before the graduation when they became close friends. But Josephine refused his proposal. He still loves her but she want to takes things slowly. Meanwhile Rebecca and  Festus where married and Chidi and Jennifer are getting married very soon.

On the day of the wedding they all met. Everybody where looking at Nelson and Josephine when they enter the church hand in hand.
Even Rebecca, Festus, Chidi, Jennifer, Mike and Nelson didn’t know Josephine was pregnant. At the reception they all congratulate Nelson and Josephine. At one point at the reception Josephine got emotional when they played a romantic song she loves, she walk out of the room.  Mike saw and went after her, Josephine was standing alone in the corridor and when she saw Mike she panic. Mike asked her if all of this while she was having an affair with Nelson? She replied it is none of your damed business. Then asked her how far is she pregnant? She did not reply. Suddenly Nelson came across and saw Josephine crying, he was angry at Mike and told him to stop behaving  childish. Mike got angry and hit Nelson, Nelson felt on the floor. The music stopped and everybody where listening when Mike asked Josephine emotionally if is because of Nelson she dump him? Josephine didn’t want to answer him.  Mike hold her arms and asked her if by any chance the baby she is carrying is his?  Again Josephine did not answer him, instead she was crying, Mike asked again if it is his child she is carrying and said if he found out that the baby is his he will sue her for the custody of the baby. Josephine was very angry and hit him and called him bastard and breaks in tears. Mike hold her close to him to calm her down. He then asked her what is wrong? she was still crying and told him that he is indeed the father of her baby and she did not told him because she doesn’t want to come between him and his wife.

Mike Asked what do you mean wife? And that he vow to not getting married until he found her.  Then she explain how his mother insult her the day she came over his new apartment to visit him.

Everybody at the reception was shocked to hear this revelation.

Rebecca and Chidi asked them when this relationship started because the whole school know they hate each other. Then Josephine explained how it happend;

Flashback when all of this happened.
Josephine arrived at Mike’s place and a lady open the door introducing herself as Mike’s fiancée. She did not belief it so she enter inside the house and found a woman looking like Mikes’s mother because she saw her photo before. Lolo told her that she is not Mike’s class and that Mike already have a wife. She treat hear told her that if she loves her grandmother she should leave her son alone and Josephine will never be accepted in the family. Mike should only married a woman from his village and not an outsider.

They whole school know they hate each other. Then Josephine explained;

Flashback; after Mike refuse Josephine gift she bought. She went to Mike and asked him why? He said if she really want to give him a gift she should dress up and go out with him for a dinner.  And if she doesn’t want to go then he will not accept her gift after all she also refuse the gift he bought for her. Josephine accept it and said no problem she still have the dress. Mike knocked his head no and said I don’t think so and Josephine said that she doesn’t have this kind of dress in her wardrobe. Mike said don’t worry and handle over a small bag to her, inside the is a dress. Josephine asked when did you buy this? Mike replied, he didn’t know if she will like the one she was wearing for her date with teacher Ammachi so he bought two for in case she doesn’t like the first one.

Mike and Josephine went out and come late in the evening. They had a lot of fun but where not drunk. Mike gave Josephine a goodnight kiss but did not end short. Josephine did not feel that comfortable so she went quick to her room. One hour later Mike wanted to take some drink from the fridge but bompt onto Josephine. Josephine was nervous and she apologized to Mike. Mike hold her hand and put his hand on his lip and said ssshhhhhhh... and kiss her. Josephine kissed back and the made love in Mike’s room. In the morning while Mike was stil in bed, Josephine went to prepare breakfast for Mike.
While she was preparing the breakfast Mike woke up and saw something red on his bed and was shocked to see that. Josephine enter the room with the breakfast and asked Mike why is he smiling? Mike said he is just happy to see her. Mike asked Josephine if there is something she wanted to tell him? Josephine says no and asked Mike why is he asking this? Mike asked why she didn’t told him she was a virgin? And asked if she is oke. Josephine looked down and wanted to leave the room. Mike hold her hand and sit her down on the bed with her and told her that he loves her even if she wasn’t a virgin he will still love her. Mike wanted to know if she also loves him enough to be his woman? Josephine replied yes and that is the reason why she also give him her virginity because she can trust him.

Mike and Josephine decided to keep their relationship a secret and after the gruaduation make it open, that is about 3 month. A few days before Nelson, Chidi and Festus came back from holiday Mike has moved out of the boys quarters to an apartment. Josephine was secretly visiting Mike from time to time in his new house. She cooked for him ( she is a good cook Mike didn’t know) they would have romantic dinner together, shower together. Until a few weeks before the graduation Josephine went to Mike’s place and Mike’s mother threw her out of the house.

Now back at the wedding; Mike went on his knees and told her he is not married to any woman and that indeed it is true that the mother brought a certain lady to his house but he refuse. Even his father the Egwe knows about it and now have the permission to wed any woman of his choice. He also said that he love her and asked her hand in marriage. It was so romantic, Josephine said Yes and after a short kiss her water broke. They rushed to the hospital. She gave birth to a bouncy baby boy.

Mike told the good news to his father and Egwe and the wife went to visit Josephine at the hospital. Even Lolo was happy and apologized to Josephine.

Meanwhile nemesis catches mama Ngozi;
Her daughter Matilda can not conceive after 2 years of marriage. She has a problem with  her womb after a numbers of abortion. Haladji divorce her and brought her to her mother’s house.

Kenneth felt very sick, he need a new kidney otherwise he will die.

Mama Ngozi went to see a pastor and the pastor told her to confess her since and that the Lord  will forgive her.

Mama Ngozi called the elders of the land and mama Nkechi and confess what she did;

Mama Nkechi wanted Mama Ngozi to marry her son Mazi Okoro but instead Mazi love his former schoolmate Josephine mother Efeoma. Mama Nkechi later support his son to marry Efeoma after learning that she was pregnant for him. Out of jealousy she put poising in her food to kill her baby. But instead the poising only damage her womb and could not conceive again. She gave birth to a girl ( Josephine). Since Mazi do not have a son Efeoma an Mazi okoro agreed that he should find an air so he got married to Ngozi because she was pregnant for him so he taught but the pregnancy do not belong to late mazi okoro. But to Peter the drunkard. Matilda is the late Mazi okoro daughter.

The whole village was in shocked by this revelation. Mama Ngozi was a disgrace to the community. Peter the drunkard stop drinking and gave 1 of his kidney to Kenneth his son. He was so happy.

Now back to Mike and Josephine; Mike’s father the Egwe of Anouchi  brought Josephine and the baby to the palace. When Josephine was asked about her late parents where they come from Egwe asked her if her father went to a …… university? She replied yes? Then asked again is her grandmother name is mama Nkechi? She again replied yes. Lolo asked if he know them? Then he asked if her mother name was Efeoma? She said yes. Then Egwe said she is not a stranger in this land and that she is a member of their community by birth.
Mike asked Egwe what he meant about it. Egwe replied;

Flashback; Egwe and mazi okoro went to the same school and that mama Nkechi always give him food and money when his uncle and wife refuses to give him food. Efeoma is the daughter of late Mazi Otechi. Mazi Otechi father a child with Efeoma’s mother and dinied it. Because it is a taboo to have a child without a husband Efeoma’s mother was send out of the village. Mazi Otechi later confess to the elders but at that time Efeoma and her mother where no where to be found and lost her.

Mama Ngozi went back to her father’s house, Kenneth went to live with his father Peter.  Peter has no other sons ( Peter also have a lot of farms so he has money but people do not know that). Matilda remain alone in the house of her father Mazi Okoro.

The elders of Mazi Okoro village came to Egwe of Anouchi to apologized to Josephine and asked for forgiveness. The also say that she can claim the house of her father as the elder daughter. But Josephine instead say that she is happy where she is now and that she want her sister Matilda to remain in the house. The only thing she want is for her grandmother to come and join her at Anouchi. Egwe agreed on it. 

Prince Mike of Anouchi Kingdom weds Josephine the Tigress.

After the wedding of Mike and Josephine.

Chidi and Festus starts cracking jokes about Mike and Josephine, just teasing them saying;

I wonder when Mike wanted to kiss Josephine?
And who was on top?
Was Josephine crying of was she cold like stone in bed?

All of them laught, Mike and Josephine lived happily ever after.  



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