Movie scripts Title: uncertain 

Genre: drama 

Written by: okoi eyong ibor

PHONE: 08064773186

The Movie, ‘UNCERTAIN’, is about a young man by the name of Praise Godwin Hilton, who lost his parents at a very tender age. Due to his sound academic abilities, he had the opportunity of a blistering career abroad. After his education he came back to Nigeria 25 years later to take up a job he had applied for online, and also deal with the sad news of the demise of the death of the Neighbor who had accommodated him after his parents’ death, in an explosion that destroyed the entire region. He now has to face the reality of losing all he had worked for, and a looming sentence of life imprisonment, as the Organization he works for, BIO, decides to test-run their Program in Nigeria. His fate now lies on the commitment and bravery of his friends and fiancée, who have issues of their own to attend to.

The Movie begins with Praise celebrating his Fiancée, Nnenna’s birthday in his apartment with a couple of friends. Nnenna’s parents soon concern themselves on the need for Nnnenna to bring home a Suitor of repute, even as Nnenna joins her friends in discussing the infidelity of some men at the very popular Global Restaurant; of which the discussion is later interrupted by Eyo, one of the most ardent admirers of Nnenna. Left alone with Eyo, she is later warned of an impending trouble when told of the presence of Shegun, Praise’s friend, at the same place. A matter she expertly handles, even as Praise later calls to inform her he too is coming to Globals.

As time goes on, Praise scales through a high profile staff examination at BIO and is consequently named as one of the Awardees who will be assigned to test-run the BIO Program. He is however, found wanting as he ois not able to provide his origin and ancestry. He is immediately apprehended and kept in BIO’s Detention Facility. On hearing the news, his friends including Nnenna, Shegun, Tolu, and Aisha takes it upon themselves to makes sure he regains his freedom.

2 In the course of finding a solution, they are told the only person to handle the matter is Eyo: the guy who Shegun and Nnnenna had previously humiliated in no small measure, in his bid to win her love. After much persuasion, Eyo accepts to join the Crew, probably still hoping to win her over, or maybe because he had seen someone else; especially Nkechi, who just broke up with her Fiancé after he saw the suspicious text message her Boss sent her. The search now moves from Abuja to Rivers State as Praise told them vaguely the Location of Trevings, the explosion site that occurred twenty five ago. After an unsuccessful first day search at the abandoned forest of Trevings, the second day is plagued by series of fearful sites which would later result in Nkechi sustaining a fatal injury and unable to walk with only Eyo to deal with the situation.

With her phone missing and unable to walk, Eyo keeps her in a place and decides to go get the phone, only to come back and discover she is missing. Quickly notifying the other Crew members, it is now clear to them their task has been doubled: they have to now look for both Nkechi and the metal safe probably containing information on Praise’s ancestry, which he said may have survived the explosion. Almost finishing the third day in another fruitless search, they are met on their way home by an Old Man, who after hearing their ordeal, asks them to follow him. Deciding to put faith in the forefront, Eyo accepts to take the lead, and on getting there they are greeted by Nkechi, whose leg injury has already been healed perfectly. With further explanation of their mission in the forest of Trevings, the Old Man discovers it is his Nephew who is in detention, whom he has been looking for all these years – hence, he wastes no time in showing them the Metal Safe, though he knew not its contents.

Like a successful Ultimate Search, the Crew returns to Abuja with the evidence of Praise’s ancestry. And after winning her heart at Trevings, Eyo decides to propose to Nkechi during the heat of the celebration of Praise’s release from detention. Finally, all friends decides to get married on same date, even as the Federal Government Representatives promised to put up a bill that would see to the setting up of Agencies that will seek to promote the patronage of indigenous names, as it gives firsthand information on the Origin of Citizens. 3 


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