A determined young man from a wealthy family whose dream is to travel oversees and become a big time business mogul in the Entertainment & Hospitality industry  but out of curiosity of not knowing what it means to be poor,he gets caught in  the life, sweat and tears of the poor and their every day living when he meets a stranger in the taxi who offers him vital information and in return, he offers to help him and his family after listening to his problems but instead,  the stranger devices dubious and evil means to destroy the hand that feeds him.

ALBA met JOHNSON  in a TAXI (mini bus)and decided to visit him where he stays in the hood(slums) and he was very shock by the state of their poverty and lifestyle because he is not use to this kind of lifestyle.JOHNSON’s first son (TOLU) came up to ALBA and ask him money for food and that they have not eating for days now.ALBA was touched because this was all new for him and he then compares his lifestyle to their lifestyle and suddenly he develops interest in helping JOHNSON and his family.after that incidents with TOLU,JOHNSON’S first son,ALBA started providing food,clothings,money and other provisions for JOHNSON’s family while there were still in LAGOS –NIGERIA.

ALBA  and JOHNSON travels from NIGERIA to PRETORIA-SOUTH AFRICA and every necessary arrangement and plans has been made by JOHNSON and his counterparts in PRETORIA to rob and exploit money and valuable items  from ALBA by all means possible.ALEX,TONY and SHEARD,JOHNSON’s counterparts  played a major role in frustrating ALBA’s stay while in SOUTH AFRICA.The relationship between JOHNSON and ALBA begins to get sour when he start having doubt and suspicion about JOHNSON and how he sometimes  misuse his money,and also money disappearing from both JOHNSON’s care and ALBA’s luggage’s  and are not been accounted for .

Things get worse for ALBA as he losses all the money he came with through the several dubious scam and devices use by JOHNSON and his counterparts and he is no longer able to afford their hotel stay.Alba gets stranded and decided to put his pride aside and reach out to his father in NIGERIA for help.ALBA gets help from his father and decided to open a NITE CLUB in the city with JOHNSON  assisting him in running the new business

ALBA ran a successful  NITE CLUB in the main city central of PRETORIA named “PRETORIOUS”  with the help of JOHNSON.ALBA decided to start a family,so he got married to “NELLY” a very pretty lady from MANZINI-SWAZILAND  and they have been dating all this time.she was in her 20th’s and after some months they had a son named” VELO”.life was good for both ALBA and JOHNSON until after some months when JOHNSON had an arranged robbery with arm men who visited  the club and they absconded with lots of money and so on and so forth…………

After several months have pass,TONY was troubled in his heart and he decided to pay ALBA a visit after disappearing with ALBA’s money for several months,he decided to expose JOHNSON and his counterparts for all their devious and dubious scams  that they have  done to ALBA.From this new information by TONY, ALBA gets very furious and angry and take’s his gun and decided to kill JOHNSON but ALBA’s father (MICHEAL) intercepted when ALBA got a call from his dad when he was on his way to kill JOHNSON.after receiving a call from his father,ALBA  took his fathers advise and decided to dissociate himself from JOHNSON.ALBA was heart broken as he could not believe that someone whom he tries to help will in turn hurt him.

The next day,ALBA approached JOHNSON at work place and Expose him face to face of all that he and his counterparts have done to him all this time.after that JOHNSON gets FIRED from work by ALBA and told him not to be seen anywhere closer to his business or family.

JOHNSON knew too much about ALBA and his family and decided to get revenge,so things got very bad and ugly.

This script is about 70 pages,The scenes are about 64 scenes divided in 5 ACTS.the script is formatted in courier font style with page numbering at the right top corner,with characters title at the center of their dialogues,font size (12)

A big family house of three bedroom with swimming pool at the back of the house will be needed in a very quiet and rich neighborhood.

A NITE CLUB in the city central with 6  hot waitresses and 3 pretty bar ladies will be needed

2  night out at the LEKKI beach front with lots of bar and live shows  (dancing competitions,local restaurants,live performance by local musician-unknown) on the beach at night life .this will be needed

3 different standard hotel room,2  in NIGERIA –LAGOS and 1 in PRETORIA-SOUHT AFRICA will be needed

A crowd of like 10 is required

2 police detective  and 7 casual police men will be required(SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE)

1 taxi(mini bus) and 1 personal and 1 police cars will be needed

ALBA: A very determined Business young man with a kind heart and cares about others.very respectful to others especially his employees but a little bit naïve to the reality of life.he is very handsome,black male,23yrs of age,light in complexion.average height of 5.1.current on trends,outfit,shoes etc.he is NIGERIAN from AKWA IBOM STATE

JOHNSON: A 45 old man,black male,average height of 5.1,very black and very ugly.very serious and dubious minded in every thing he does.very caring but fake.loves woman.his got lots of life experience.has 2 kids from his wife YEMI.first son named TOLU and second son FEMI.TOLU is 11yrs old and FEMI is 9yrs old.JOHNSON has been unemployed for 5yrs now,he has been surviving from gifts and help from friends and family.A Yoruba man from NIGERIA

ALEX: A 35 yrs old man,light in complexion,average height of 4.9,very humble and respectful but would do anything for money if the need arise.he sales jewelry from door to door especially to ladies.A Yoruba man from NIGERIA but has been living in PRETORIA-SOUTH AFRICA 6yrs now.

TONY: A 37yrs old man,very dark in complexion.average height of  6.1,he is tall.very humble and very quiet.married but also in the process of divorce with a SOUTH AFRICAN wife.he is an opportunist.from his facial appearance,he looks like a good person but inside his not.he also sales jewelry from door to door for a living

NELLY: A 27yrs old lady from MANZIN-SWAZILAND,she is light in complexion,average height of 5.0,married to ALBA, and has a  son named VELO.she is very caring and sweet ,respectful and  a house wife.


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