A brother unintentionally kills his identical twin, the pain, penury and misery he faces afterwards is far greater and unbearable than the satisfaction he hoped for after killing all those he feels are behind this ploy.

Hilary and  Hector, two very handsome identical twins are indirectly coaxed to join different cult groups in the university as a result of the intimidation they face while in school. 

As is the norm in school, soon a war breaks out between the two dominant cult groups and Hilary and Hector are well a breast of the plans of their opposition cult group because they both feed themselves with information, plans and lines of action.
Hilary whom is the confident, bold and decision maker amongst the pair is soon sent on a mission to snipe down one of their opponents, he does so smoothly without a fault. On reaching home, he doesn't see his brother. Well, his brother is always fond of staying out late so he doesn't border himself so much. He falls asleep and is woken up by his brother's girlfriend(Grace) with a claim that Hector his brother was shot and killed some hours ago at the same garden where he had sniped someone that same day and time. 

Hilary then realizes who he had sniped earlier. The pain is just too great for him to bear, he hands himself over to the police but still couldn't bring himself to confess anything. 

Years later, after being disowned by his insistent dad that it was him who was the troublesome one and must have brought this calamity on his late brother Hector. The guilt pushed him out to join the Anticult group, where he brings down all those he feels responsible for his brother's death and after all said and done, the pain, bitterness and guilt still lingers for there is one more guilty person he still needs to kill. He once bled his blood, now he has to bleed his blood again.

Four different student rooms
A duplex
Police Office and cell is required
A bus and keke is needed 



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