PRIMARY OBJECTIVE OF THE FILM:  To promote African culture and prove to the literary world that proper divine direction is the key to all things of life.

TITLE:   direction [atana]

TARGET AUDIENCE:  Africans that love historical fiction movie and every part of the world where ifa the African oracle is been consulted for divine direction

MAIN CHARACTER:  the warrior leader, the sorcerer, the three imodu warrior, the youth leader and the virgin lady

LOGLINE:  the resurrection of infected imodu warriors, banished to the core of the earth, invoked a wave of destruction to sweep out the street of imodu with the ancient power of draw an destroy

After many years, under a magical binding spell, the infected imodu warriors banished to the core of the earth struggled so hard and resurface back to the surface of the earth through a treasure island full of sparkling treasures

The three valuable warriors that gave imodu and other neighboring villages, total freedom from the warrior leader turned out to be a deadly threat to the street of imodu and imodu took a drastic decision and banish them to the core of the earth before they infect the whole villagers with an undiagnosed infection and there resurrection brought back preventing agony an calamities to imodu which lead to a catastrophe that turned the king, kings men and the only ifa priest that could help them to statue stone.

And possible solution to prevent imodu from a greater catastrophe lies at the mysterious bug passage and the only person that understands the language of the mysterious oracle had been turned to statue stone which lead  the virgin lady to give up her virginity to learn the language of the oracle and also give up her life as a sacrifice to form an artificial intelligent image statue in other to protect imodu from unforeseen calamity and took away all forms of divinatory object to the rain island for security purpose one of the neighboring village combating with a specific undiagnosed diseases through a demonic passage, conspire with one of corrupted imodu indigene with huge sparkling treasure to buy him off and the secret to deactivate the artificial intelligent image statue at imodu was revealed and the idol was stolen and replaced with inactive similar one the appointed four warrior embarked on the journey to manually recover back the 16 cowrie from the rain island for a specific direction on what to do and how to restore the shut down artificial intelligent image statue back to his normal state.

The four of them finally make it to the island where rain did not seize falling and fortunately get hold of the 16 cowrie and they were sudden attacked by a giant snake which eventually got three of them killed mysteriously. only the young among them make it back to imodu with the 16 cowrie but it’s very unfortunate, he didn’t return on time before another calamity befall imodu and claim the life of the only person that can make use of the cowries.

The youth leader decides to take a bold step just to secure the future of imodu in other to restore the stolen artificial intelligent image statue in a hard way by using the magical book of counted shadow given to him by his late father to equip himself and others spiritually in other to restore back the artificial intelligent image statue when all hope is lost.
The artificial intelligent image statue stolen and protecting another village rose up legion of army from the soil and kill all imodu warrior that rose against ajapa village and it reflect on their mortal body as the statue army get rid of them.

Finally the youth leader adopt the word that says no retreat no surrender as he make incision for himself and ask his fiancée to wake him up spiritually when his dead with the magical book of counted shadow

It not all about winning a battle but the way we will matters a lot moreso divine direction is the key to all thing of life. The question is, Have you gotten divine direction to the step you are about to take?


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