Psychotic is a character driven psychological thriller where two friends like sisters are entangled in the face of loyalty and betrayal. Their friendship is tested and at the long run both refuses to let go.

LIZZY and JANE are two close friends who see each other though phases of their lives.
Jane is planning on getting married to DAYO CRAIN while Lizzy seems to be living in the opposite as her best wish of getting married to MAX turns to a nightmare.
Enthusiastic Jane is suddenly not getting married again as a result of a travel and after over three years, her fiancé, Dayo, is involved in an accident. Their relationship is tested ones again for months and with intense convincing, Jane gives up leaving the fate of Dayo to Lizzy.

This particular script is about 58 pages with 63 scenes divided in 5 ACTS. The script is formatted in courier font size, with page numbering at the right top corner, with characters title at the centre of their dialogue, font size (12).

A courtyard garden with beautiful green habitation and a wedding gown with suit for a couple.
Hospital setting with a hospital bed will be needed and an office within the hospital.
Two apartments and two big houses are needed.
An office setting with a table and about three chairs.
A crowd of about 30 people will be required.
Cars will be needed.

JANE: A light skinned beautiful young lady in her middle/late 20’s who is always enthusiastic and optimistic about life. When life hits her, she changes course. She is physically defined and eloquent.
LIZZY: Jane’s friend, almost the same age as Jane. She is determined and unpredictable and doesn’t take “NO” for an answer. She has a somewhat possessive nature.
DAYO: He is a tall dark handsome man with a deep voice and good command of English. He is loving, caring, and patient in nature. He is also God fearing.


Set in year 2017. A young beautiful and enthusiastic lady is excited about her relationship which she continues to share with her closest friend, LIZZY.
JANE, (mid 20’s) is engrossed about her fiancé’s step to take their relationship to the next level by getting married and all this she shares with her friend whose relationship with MAX at the moment is at stake.

Lizzy tries to communicate her wish of getting married to Max but he is refusing seeing her as someone who is desperate. The more she tries to talk to Max about this, the farther he gets and more irritated he becomes. Max shuns Lizzy of all conversations pertaining to marriage and accuses her of envy.
Without taking note and giving much concern about Lizzy’s relationship, Jane continues to flaunt her joy and Lizzy continues to be happy for her even when deep within herself, she wish she had met Dayo before Jane.

Lizzy comes visiting Max on a particular night and sees him with another woman. She is devastated yet claims her right as the lady of the house but without much ado, she is disapproved by Max she sends her out of his apartment. The next morning, Max and his new girlfriend are dead in a car accident.

Jane tries to console Lizzy about the death of Max but Lizzy shows no concern and says he deserve what he got but Jane advices not to speak ill of the dead. Jane announces the preparation for her wedding is postponed based on the fact that Dayo has got to leave the country. Lizzy seems to misunderstand the period of time he will be gone until Jane confesses he will be gone for three years. Lizzy is surprised.

Three years later.
Dayo is yet to return. Jane and Lizzy goes to a restaurant and discusses about it when a guy sights them and calls up his friend’s attention. The first guy approaches them and seems interested in Jane who is in deep thought about Dayo’s attitude. Lizzy answers most of the questions including Jane’s name and encourages her to be free with him.

Jane leaves the restaurant pissed and Lizzy follows. Jane accuses her of a set up but Lizzy denied it.

Few months later, Jane receives a call from Dayo who just arrive in Nigeria. Dayo is joyful to hear the voice of Jane and Jane on the other hand is finding it difficult to believe she is talking with him and at the point of clearing her doubt, there is a car crash.

Lost in pain and grief, Jane pleads before the doctor to do all in his power to see that Dayo gets well.

Lizzy comes to visit and tries to console Jane. Jane continues to take care of Dayo not until she breaks the news to her mother after four months about the condition of Dayo who happens to be in a coma.

Jane’s mother advices that she let go of him and they are probably not meant for each other and after further convincing from another friend of hers, RANDY, Jane gives up on Dayo and her visit to the hospital becomes infrequent until she stops.

Lizzy sees Jane in a boutique with another man and she is taken aback. Lizzy calls out to Jane and exchanges ingenuine pleasantry with the man beside her, CHRIS.

That evening, inside Jane’s apartment, Lizzy confronts her but Jane doesn’t care anymore. Lizzy is speechless and describes her as insane and heartless.

After Dayo’s recovery, Jane wants back in and decides to break up her relationship with Chris. She is confronted by her mother but she defends herself by blaming her mother for her relationship with Chris at the first place.

Lizzy confronts Jane too but she blames Lizzy for not telling Dayo the truth about her relationship with Chris when he asked after her. Lizzy is upset.

Few months after Jane’s marriage to Dayo, she gets involved in an accident which paralyzes her and Dayo gets to know the truth about Jane’s actions at the time of his stay in the hospital under coma. After few weeks at the hospital, Jane is discharged.

Lizzy arrives with them at Dayo’s home. He questions Lizzy on not telling him the truth earlier and she claims she loves him and did not want to hurt him. They are beginning to get entangled emotionally when Dayo’s phone rings. After receiving the call, he informs Jane that he is going to Abuja for a business contract.
Dayo entrusts the well being of Jane in Lizzy’s care while he is away.

Dayo is not at peace with himself in Abuja as a result of the fact that he has not fulfilled the promise of coming to check on Jane ones in a week. He discusses his feelings with his friend, WALE, who encourages him to stick by his wife.
At home, Jane is being punished by Lizzy.

Lizzy storms into Dayo’s house upset after she discovers that he is coming to visit Jane but after a while, she reasons it as an opportunity to get close to him. Jane is embittered as she listens to Lizzy who make her feelings and plans known.

On the night of Dayo’s arrival, Lizzy goes to meet him in the bedroom and discussions ensue between them. Dayo apologize for making Lizzy go through a lot of stress in the past weeks and Lizzy says it’s okay. “She would have done the same for me”. Dayo is not sure on how to respond to her statement and he replies in doubt.
Lizzy notices the doubt in his reply and uses the opportunity to get closer and closer. She begins to seduce him and Dayo is beginning to give in when he suddenly snaps out of his lust and tells Lizzy to leave.
In Abuja, he confesses to his friend how weak and confuse he is but his friend could only tell him to be in control of the whole issue.
Lizzy wants to finally kill Jane.
Dayo comes home at the moment.
Randy, a friend of Lizzy and Jane, also a police detective comes visiting and hears a gun shot.


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