LOGLINE: A young woman who works in a palace as a servant but has a gift and is a good poet and orator attracts the attention of the prince who is engaged to a spoilt rich heiress and she tries to stop them and maltreats her due to the jealous she feels towards her.

SYNOPSIS: Salome is a young woman in her early twenties who works in the palace of Kora kingdom as a servant. One day she is working and is called to entertain the prince with her gift of poetry. She does and from there the prince Prince Roland the crown prince is impressed by her artistry. The king King Richard III gets to know about it from his son and decide to help her improve her talent which gives the prince and Salome enough time to spend together.
Myra who happens to be a rich heiress but spoilt with no manners is engaged to the prince and upon seeing that he is spending a lot of time with Salome develops hatred and animosity towards her and does everything to make life miserable for Salome in the palace. She punishes her without any just cause and when the prince sees this instead he falls in love with her seeing the way she behaves regardless of being maltreated. She has dignity and a very honorable way of life that the prince can’t help but fall for her.
Myra tries to separate them but all her plans fail to work and instead she decides to kill her instead by sending assassins to her house but unfortunately they kill her blind mother and Salome survives because she is not at home when the assassins raid her home.
Salome disappears at night to save her life and goes to a far away land.

SCRIPT REVIEW: This script is about 150 pages and is divided into two parts. The scenes are about 100 and in a 3ACTS format. The page numbering is at the bottom left corner of the page with character titles at the center of their speeches. Font size (12) and the settings are as follows;
ACTION: The prince is still sleeping when his aide comes in to wake him up and then  the maidens charged with taking care of is morning chores come in one bearing a towel and another his clothes and another opens the bathroom for him. Then Myra his fiancée comes in shouting at Roland who was enjoying a rhyme. The prince’s room is luxurious with top notch furniture in gold and white.
A blessed morning Your Highness. It is such a beautiful morning in Kora kingdom and it is more beautiful to see that its crown prince is in good health. Arise and grace this noble kingdom and palace with your splendor and vigor for the day has kissed the dew of the morning and dawn has succumbed to daybreak.
He says opening the curtains and bowing.

A big mansion to work as the palace. Should have a swimming pool, gardens and very spacious and luxurious the way a castle should be.
A mansion to act as Hon. Bartel’s residence Myra’s father. It should be luxurious too but slightly smaller compared to the castle.
A fleet of cars luxurious ones for the palace and Mr. Bartel’s residence.
A bar.
A hotel/ recreational center.
An amusement park/ zoo.
A humble compound to act as Salome’s family compound.
A hall that shall act as an auditorium.
A village school.
A market setting.
A middle class homestead to act as Mr. Cletus’s compound.
Machetes and cutlers to be used by the assassins.
Uniforms for both maids and guards in the palace.
Spears and machetes for the guards.
White powder or maybe glucose to be used as cocaine and pills as heroin.
Hotel settings

SALOME: A fair lady in her mid-twenties. Very humble, hardworking and respectful. She is not quick to anger and always caring about what happens to the rest of her colleagues. Stays with her blind mother. A very good poet and orator.
PRINCE ROLAND: Dark in complexion but handsome and well built. In his early thirties. A very good listener and fair in his judgement. He is the only child of the king and a good poet as well and loves it very much.
MYRA: Fair in complexion and in her mid-twenties. So spoilt and very ill-mannered that she doesn’t respect anyone. She has made it her life time commitment to make life miserable to Salome. She likes clubbing doing drugs and keeping late nights.
KING RICHARD III: Dark in complexion and in his fifties. Has started having graying hair. He is not quick to judge and a fair king. He loves to listen to his son and Salome as they do their poetry and always supportive towards them.

SUPPORT CAST: Nisha, Zelda, Jackson, Salome’s mother, Salome’s uncles, Barak, Bryce, Muna, Bira, Ada, Bruno, Mr. Bartel, Queen, Rona, Mr. Cletus, guards, maids, market extras, auditorium extras, bar, extras, assassins, jail extras.

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