LOGLINE: A hunter in the mist of fearless wives is forced to bring home bush meat so as to win their love and other women/girls. The hunter’s attitude is seen as a challenge to other men who drive to satisfy their women by imitating the hunter but would hardly succeed.

Adrenaline is a comic love story about a hunter/farmer (PA BOULU) who is loved by women in his community simply because he flatters them with gifts such as bush meat, red oil, plantains and other items. This funny attitude of his usually ends in chaos sometimes among his humorous women living his in compound, some as concubines, and others as wives (MA GAM, AGNES, and JOSOPHINE). Eventually he starts witnessing problems at the point when he notice one of his wives is having an affair behind his back and gets pregnant for another man, then he result to marrying this (PRETTY YVES) young graduate from the university who is in the village to visit her grand mom. His charms and likes are admired by this young beautiful girl but life becomes unbearable for the newly wedded immediately the girl’s family gets the information about their local wedding. This popular hunter made a surprise “village wedding” that remains a talk of every mouth in his community. The much talked about wedding generated confusion and envy among the other women that forced one of them to pack out of PA BOULU’S house.
Aside of Pa BOULU, who succeeds to deceive his wives with such items as mention above, KATA in his own home, finds it difficult to bring home anything. This provokes wife Beatrice who is usually not happy seeing him around her. His predicament ends him all sorts of insults from his wife (BEATRICE) who lazy around complaining. Not only does life frowns at his family in that light, they also have been trying to have a child. As faith will have it, PA BOULU’s secrets of how he always gets bush meat and other items on the daily bases were exposed. His community was shocked at what he is been doing to charm most women in his community. Pretty Yves later received a call for a job opportunity but prefers something else

Meaning of ADRENALINE; A hormone by the adrenal glands that increases rates of blood circulation, breathing and carbohydrate metabolism and prepares muscles for exertion
Why the name ADARENALINE; because the main character (PA BOULU) is very hot blooded in his actions and words)
The movie is a 65 pages scripts, of about 62 scenes with locations mainly in a village settings, forest environments, village markets, local palm wine joints, a mini store for that sells provisions etc

Props : bush meat (non specific), magi, salt, oranges, plantains ect

Character description :

1. PA BOULU: He is young man of about 40-45years of age who dresses like he is in his mid 50’s. He is usually seen in long sleeves shirts (unbutton hands), suspended trousers well ironed with visible lines. He is handsome but looks shabby in his uncurbed beard.
2. MA GAM: Also young but looks old due to her dressing code. Many at times she goes with the likes of just having a loin cloth tied over her chest. She also sounds dictatorial. She is the elderly of all wives. Could be between 39- 40 years old
3. AGNES: A concubine to PA BOULU. Attractive and good looking and becomes aggressive sometimes. Still in her early 30’s
4. JOSOPHINE : One of the wives, usually go the old fashion way in terms of her dressing style but looks pretty in the outfits though. 25- 27 years of age but would always sound old. Not very intelligent too.
5. BIMBIA : Nice looking gentleman
6. BEATRICE: (Wife to KATA) Sounds intelligent, but poorly brought up in her attitude and dressing style.
7. KATE: (The palm wine bar attendant) Always polite and smart looking as she attend to her customers. She also knows a lot of secrets about some of her customers. Young and pretty too.
8. KATA; Middle aged farmer, polite and welcoming, and always looking frustrated. Always neatly but locally dressed.
9. PRETTY YVES: The young graduate from the city who falls for pa Boulu’s crazy charms. Her city life is clearly seen in her way of dressing and her manner of talking. Her speech is highly polished showing she is educated.

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