1. Understand the genre of the movie
Every Genre of a movie has its own mood, style of settings, choice of words in the dialogue, and procedures of actions; and you the actor must adapt to these. Be it Science-Fiction, Epic, Comedy, Drama, Family, Thriller or War; you should be able to groom yourself in order to fit in. Once you can fit in, you can act well.
So what you need to do is to examine carefully and find out the features of the movie genre you're ready to act in.
For instance, the dialogues in a Science-Fiction movie is full of scientific terms from Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Basic Technology. The settings and props also have technical gadgets. The mood of the characters involved is to invent, create and discover a scientific implement, or to solve a scientific problem. So most activities in a Science-Fiction movie is adopted and directed towards science.
For a Drama or Family movie, the dialogues are extracted from the daily live activities from your house-hold. The dialogues can also be extracted from your daily relationships with friends and lovers. And the mood of the characters involved is to make better homes, get better jobs and keep good relationships.

2. Set your mind on the story 
You can get the story from the synopsis or from the writer/producer. Then try and learn what happened in the story and also try and insert yourself in its scenes. Picture the story and pretend as if it revolves around you. This will help you act well.

3. Understand the Conflict in the story 
The conflict in the story is the stumbling block to the characters in achieving a goal. It's also the competition the main characters find themselves in with their enemies. The conflict and competition engender an undesirable situation full of strife, pains, agony and problems.
Once an actor understands this situation and the prevalent problems, he can adapt and act well. All the actor needs to do is to bear the burdens of the situation and problems therein as if they were his in real life.

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4. Understand the theme
What message does the theme has to deliver? Discover this and be determined to be the ambassador of that message. This will help you act well.
Every role to act in a movie is part of the component that builds the theme of the story. So the role given to you is directed towards delivering the message of the theme. An understanding about the theme can help you act very well.

5. Understand your role
Of course this is the most essential of the whole discussion on this study of how to become a good actor. A proper understanding of the task in your role will go a long way in helping you.
If your role is the 'Hero' then you must 'bear the cross' and save your people from the enemies.
If your role is the 'Villain' then you must be wicked, ruthless and perilous.
Just study carefully and find out the responsibilities of the character whose role you are given to act.
Again, analyze how your role would affect the movie. Every role has a vital effect on a movie as it spells out the story in the movie. Once you play your own part by acting well, the movie would make sense.

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6. Act for yourself and act for the other actors too
As the character you act has its own predicaments to face, so as other characters. All the characters work hand in hand through actions and dialogues among themselves to push the story to its end. So as an actor, you need to understand the predicaments of the other actors as a result of the characters they are acting. They too are having their own feel about the situations, so you need to understand them. Just help them express their own roles well. They depend on you.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge 

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