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Synopsis The worst love story ever told! She wants a fairytale wedding. He promises to give it to her! And then the bills start rolling in. Two families with two different orientations come together to forge an unlikely headway!
According to; In the movie, a soon-to-be wed couple from different backgrounds have contrasting ideas of what their wedding day should be like. The husband-to-be (Bovi) who has to deal with the demands and antics of his fiancée and her sisters during his wedding preparations.

Bovi, INI Dima, Amanda Ebeye, Enajite Dede, Gregory Ojefua, Omoni Oboli, Shaffy Bello, Thelma Ezeamaka and Toni Tones.

The romantic comedy was directed by Aniedi Anwah and written by Bovi Ugboma.


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