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"On the Real" revolves around six friends with all forms of issues thrown into a reality TV, while managing their vices and keeping secrets.
The web series continues with its fourth episode, and slowly the plot reveals itself.
Cast of new web series "The Real"play
Cast of new web series "On the Real"

Here are seven things we learnt from the fourth episode titled "Special Favors":
1. Farida realises Efosa’s girlfriend, Autacould threaten her position on the show.
2. It’s been confirmed - Lolu and Farida are dating. In her one-on-one, she confirms she's dating him and describes herself as his girlfriend.
Lolu and Farida in episode 4 of "On The Real"play
Lolu and Farida in episode 4 of "On The Real"

3. Wana who claims to be Farida’s best friend is hatching a plan to get her kicked off the show. She approaches BJ to help her out and reveals plans to bug her apartment but he wants nothing to do with it.
4. BJ has got a crush and it’s on Amaka. Just after she admits he is her friend and the fact she trusts him makes him special, BJ proceeds to kiss her.
5. Efosa introduces Auta to the group and they are not receptive of her - only Amaka makes an effort. Suddenly, it seems as though the whole crew is not comfortable with this and realise the new addition affects them all.
6. There something about Amaka though as she receives some very secretive calls.
7. We are presented with a cliffhanger at the end of the episode. Sumbo who’s been missing from set all day calls Lolu and his facial expression comes off as though he’s received some pretty bad news
Nancy Isime is Amaka in "On the Real"play
Nancy Isime is Amaka in "On the Real"
Created and produced by Temidayo Abudu, written by Tamara Aihie and directed by Tosin Coker, "The Real" starsNancy Isime, Ini Dima-Okojie, Funto Johnson, Akah Nnani, Pearl Okorie, David Jones David and Maurice Sam



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