"Entrust" is based on a true life story of a young girl, who suffered rape, abuse, molestation, assault and child Labour in the hands of her guardians who had promised her a better life.
"Entrust" is directed by Stanley Aguzie, and the cast include Tony Ogbetere, Uchechi Esiagu, Idiatat O Idiata, Stella Nkwocha, Dan Dollars Daniel, Okeke Obunike Chris, Adaeze Esiagu, Queeneth Esiagu and Onyinyechi Adiodo.

Read Directors Note:
Until everyone choose to speak up, child rape, abuse, molestation and child Labour will not stop, everyday children go through this trauma in the hands of their supposed guardians.
Child rape is in the increase in Africa. Like the case of Ese I heard the man who and raped her was released from the police custody to go live his life, while the little Ese suffer the trauma of an abused child, take to deep consideration what happens to this children afterward. 

Watch the trailer below; 


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