King Sober Productions has announced Saturday, July 9, 2016 as the official premiere date for its upcoming comedy movie "Black Monkey." 

Starring Van Vicker, Big Akwess, Emmanuel France, Lilwin, Bishop Bernard Nyarko, Joe Shortingo among others, the movie is written, produced and directed by Frank Fiifi Gharbin.
Poster for "Black Money" play
Poster for "Black Money"

An expatriate enters into an Ashanti Kingdom as a priest to preach the word of God but his real intention is to steal their precious stones or gold which the people don’t know its usefulness.
He bought their minds with hot drinks like schnapps, brainwashed them and change their lifestyle by selling foreign clothes and items to them in exchange for their precious stones or gold. Now he wants to rule them through their chief who has neglected their traditions and customs because of schnapps he gets to drink but the black monkey, who happens to be the native doctor has stood up in a battle to see who’s god or gods are strong and whoever god or gods wins religion declared as the official religion of the kingdom.
Who wins this battle? Can the black monkey turn the white man into a white monkey? This is a movie of African origin and a movie for all those who believe in the liberation of Africa from mental slavery.

The movie was recently criticised for its title. Defending the title "Black Monkey," Garbin said,“Honestly I see nothing wrong with the title. But what I will say is this, after watching the whole movie and understanding the message in it, they will know ‘Black Monkey’ is the perfect caption for this production.”
You can’t judge a book by its cover, you read the book and understand its content.” He added.



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