The need for you to start with a short movie, read below

1: It can help you squeeze yourself into the screenwriting market
Writing a short film is a great way to get your voice heard and to enter into the screenwriting market. From the ever-lowering cost of production, to the compressed format of short films, the demands on the writer are in many ways even greater because there is less time (fewer pages) to convey an engaging story and compelling characters. This can open the doors to more projects. Because knowing how to successfully craft a short film screenplay is essential in grabbing the reader's attention

2: It will help you to be consistent in writing
It's easier and simpler to write short movies, and you may not be bored writing. And as a result, you may be moved to keep on writing

3: It will help you create a great domain filled with rich content
Your consistence will yield enough and large body of work; so whenever you need to create blog where you can showcase your work, content wouldn't be a problem

4: It will equip you for greater writings
Now that you have written more and more short movies, writing a normal feature movie wouldn't be a hard task.

5: It will help you learn 
You may eventually become a master, and the you can now teach others.
And from here, movie producers will start to know who you are!

Written by: Winston "Winny Greazy" Oge
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