When it was announced that Alexander Skarsgård would star in the upcoming film The Legend of Tarzan, the internet let out a collective ‘Duh’. It’s not hard to see why the 6’4” Scandinavian is the perfect choice for a role that mostly involves wearing a loincloth and glowering at people, and anyone who’s seenTrue Blood will know Skarsgård is clearly qualified. Not convinced? Here’s proof.
1. He’s Not Afraid to Take His Shirt Off 
An important Tarzan prerequisite.
2. He’s Already Got the Hair 
This is basically a Tarzan audition tape, right?
3. Really, He Doesn’t Mind At All 
He’s just not bothered, you guys.
4. Even If it Means Getting a Bit Wet 
It’s no big deal, honestly. 
5. Or If Things Get Messy 
I mean, we don’t expect this much gore in The Legend of Tarzan, but it’s best to be prepared, right?
6. After All, He Can Always Take a Nice Bath 
All the blood just washes right off.
7. Then He Can Sit Down With a Good Book 
This is 2016 after all — even Tarzan has to be literate.
8. And Settle Down with Jane 
Me Tarzan, you Jane, etc. etc.
9. Or Maybe It’s Jim These Days 

SOURCE: http://www.hollywood.com/movies/


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