According to Emeka Ike, some Multinational companies are empowering a few people to oppress everybody. 

In a recent interview with TVC Entertainment, AGN President Emeka Ike spoke on quality of films in Nollywood.
According to the actor, Nollywood has been making good movies like "Violation" and "Igodo."
According to Emeka Ike,  some multinational companies are empowering a few people to oppress everybody.
Making reference to Kunle Afolayan, Ike said that there is nothing special about making a 'great movie' with 200 million naira. 
"Don't tell me Kunle Afolayan is making a fantastic movie," he said. "You gave him 200 million Naira for crying out loud. The entire industry has not even used 200 million before now to make movies for God's sake now. So if you give a dunce that money, he can get the best producer. So it's not a fantastic thing, you are not making me feel oppressed." 
Speaking on the 'New Nollywood,' Ike said"Someone wants a New Nollywood that would pay only him and his generation, and that person is conniving with some multinationals outside Nigeria."
"You are wickedly killing the industry that we worked hard to build," he said. 




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