It’s been 30 years since The Terminator first hit movie screens. Not anticipated to do very much, the movie became a surprise hit, turning Arnold Schwarzenegger into a bankable star and launching the careers of directorJames Cameron and the original Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton.
In the years since 1984, there have been multiple sequels and television projects that have built upon the lore of the time traveling cyborgs, but how much do you know about the one that started it all? Here are some fun facts about a modest movie that turned into one of the most influential hits of the last 30 years.
1. Cameron has said that he got the inspiration for a killer cyborg from a dream that he had while he was in Italy to promote his directorial debut, the justifiably forgotten Piranhas II: The Spawning. Just the same, science fiction writer Harlan Ellison sued the production claiming that the script plagiarized his work.
2. Franco Columbu appears briefly in the film in the sequence set in the future. Columbu is a former bodybuilder and one of Schwarzenegger’s best friends. Besides The Terminator, Columbu appeared with Arnold in the documentaryPumping Iron, which first brought Schwarzenegger national attention, as well as Conan the Barbarian and The Running Man.
3. Schwarzenegger didn’t want to say his iconic line “I’ll be back.” He was self-conscious about the way that he pronounced “I’ll” with his Austrian accent and tried to convince Cameron that a futuristic cyborg wouldn’t say something like that. Cameron, thankfully, refused to change it. 4. The “I’ll be back” line represented three of the 58 total words that Schwarzenegger says in the film..


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