The success of sales of brands lies on the success of advertisements about the brands. Brands tend to remain dormant when their stories are not told. Advertisement of a brand is the enterprising story about the brand. The details about the brand that will lure customers to buy them are contained in the story; and the job of an advertiser should be to tell the story perfectly. The aim of an advertiser is to make his brands known to the audiences, the customers; and he has to do that through online or offline platforms.
Online platforms are:
Weblogs, Websites, Pages of social websites, Phone Apps, Computer Apps, Web chat groups, Radio, TV, Podcasts, Phone conversations,
Offline platforms are:
Magazines, Newspapers, Pamphlet, Tracts, Pages of books, live jingles, live market outreaches,

Here are tips on how to advertise your brands and products online and
offline for better sales
(1) Get a good advert script
Whether offline or online, you need a advert script. An advert script takes your audience's hearts into the soul of your brands. A good advert script will perfectly tell the whole good story about your brands.

(2) Prepare a good presentation
You need to get a good presenter that has a wonderful convincing voice. The visual production should also be very attractive with friendly color blending.

(3) Target the season of the year when your brands are highly needed
This will help you save some money as you will only spend money on advert when customers are highly in need of your brands.  Read more here
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Written by: Winny Greazy


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