(1)He takes the minutes of the crew members' meetings

(2)Involves in handling collected articles

(3)Keeps record of all the business schedules in case the crew would go
out sourcing for adverts

(4)Represents the editor-in-chief whenever he isn't around

(5)Must go with the editor-in-chief on any business outing

(6)Must oversea the activities of other offices especially that of the
financial secretary and the treasurer

(7)Will call for articles in conjunction with the PRO

(8)Must be able to answer to any questions regarding the productions
of the magazine

(9)Must look for good designs in conjunction with the editor-in-chief

(10)Must keep all the records!

Written by:
Winston Oge (Winny Greazy)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/winny_greazy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/winny.greazy


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