A writer has a mind that thinks about the earth, every living and non living character therein.
The mind of a writer is a mind filled with every moment of every time.
It's a mind filled with events; whether good or bad.

The mind of writer is an accommodating mind; everything stays within its memory.
It recycles the past, uses the present and awaits the future.

The mind that attaches life to every dead or active idea is the mind of a writer.
It awakens consciousness and creates awareness for actions.

Inside the mind of a writer; every moment is an important time, every place is a location, every happenings is an action, every single thing is a character, every sound and speech is an interaction and dialogue, every interaction is a message and theme.

The mind of a writer is not an ordinary mind; it's a mind full of stories and beautiful things to write.

Every mood is in the mind of a writer.
Sometimes, the mind of a writer can be a good mind; and sometimes it can be a bad mind. This happens when the hero and villain battles in it.

The mind of a writer thinks about everything he sees, hears, tastes and feels.

The mind of a writer bears everything it has.
The mind of a writer believes that anything that comes into the mind should be written down. The mind should be kept free.

Written by: Winny Greazy.

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