Characters drive themselves.
As a script writer, the most important thing is to create your characters.
Every character is designed to function with a behaviour very unique to it.
Any character you create will surely drive itself, and as it drives itself, a story about it is created alongside.
If all the characters have their unique behaviours, then a story about each of them is created. A combination of each of these stories forms a major story which becomes the main story.
Again, the behaviours of these characters are a function of their unique activities relative to one another. So as these unique activities play out, a plot is created.
And again, you know there must be a reason or purpose for each of these character's activities to one another. As these purposes play out, a theme is created.

Where you have characters that have driven themselves to produce a complete story, a defined plot and an informative theme, is that not a comprehensive script?

Creating a script is very simple where you only just create and design some characters and assign roles to them.
Characters are very good at operating themselves. Once you assign roles to them, all you will do is to watch them play those roles; and consequently they help you complete the task of building you a script or a screenplay.

Watch the people around your environment. They exhibit diverse behaviours. If you take note of them, you will find out they represent every type of character you would wish to create.
You will see the fighters, the soldiers, the doctors, the envangelists, the bar tenders, the house wives, the smugglers, the chain smokers, the lunatics, the sex meniacs, the serial killers, the terrorists, the kids and infants, the heroes, the back stabers, the nurses.
Since all these people with these real life characters and many more are already there for you, all you have to do is just to easily carve out any section of the moments of their interactions with one another and then direct it into a story for your script.
It's very easy because the story will create itself. All you have to do is to keep directing it until it gets to the main story.

Remember, ''Everybody is important in your life; the good and the bad. They will help you create good characters for your script'' -Winny Greazy

Create your characters and have a script.

Written by Winny Greazy.

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