Unity is simply the state of being united or joined as a whole.
It is the state or quality of being one.

Unity is a central part of any assemblage that draws every other parts towards it. It is the wheels on which these other parts rotate.
Unity is a centrifugal force that pushes away every other element revolving about it whenever it weakens.
Unity creates a relationship, wholeness and agreement.
It establishes a concord in a disorganized situation.

Unity affects us spiritually, mentally and physically. It is not just a concept, it is a feeling. It is an impulse that goes down well into us to cause an accomplishment.
We feel fulfilled when unity keeps us.
We live in harmony when unity is our company.
We work in synergy when unity drives us.
We have confidence in one another when unity is our most cherished asset.
The psalmist said in psalm 133:1: ''Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!''
Another saying has it that: ''coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success''

Dearly beloved;
there is encouragement in unity,
there is commitment in unity,
there is dedication in unity,
there is love in unity,
there is joy in unity,
there is understanding in unity
there is progress in unity,
there is strength in unity, and
there is beauty in unity.

In a day like this and other days to come, let us ask for one thing; a state of being in agreement and wholeness; that's Unity!

For our orientation camps, let us ask for unity in diversity of our tribes and native backgrounds.

For our nation let us ask for the unity that draws its riches from the diversity of natural resources in the land; the unity that draws its strength from the variety of mother tongues of the lovely people; the unity that is refreshed by the tropical rainforest of the South, watered by the tropical savanah of the West, brightened by the sahel savanah of the North and nutured by the mild climate of the East.

In our families, let us ask for the unity that neutralizes all forms of unfaithfulness, lack of trust and untruthfulness.

In everything we do, let us ask for unity in us.

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This article is for platoon 9, Bacth B, 2014 NYSC service year. (Nigeria)

Written by Winston oge (Winny Greazy)


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