Dear film maker, if you are thinking of the best way to make a film that depicts the Ebola virus; the nature of the virus, its mode of transmission, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and its vaccine and treatment, then you need to write a good screenplay using the tip below.

(A) Create internal conflicts for the minor character.

The minor character here should be the character which is very dear to the main character. He should be very close to the main character, and the main character should love him.
Let the internal conflicts be one or more of the symptoms of the Ebola virus disease.

The symptoms include:
- High fever
- Headache
- Joint and muscle aches
- Sore throat
- Intense weakness
- Stomach pain
- Lack of appetite
- Internal bleeding
- Diarrhea
- Vomiting
- Rash
- Impaired kidney and liver functions

Let the symptoms you have chosen make the character to be depressed, uncomfortable, and poised on getting solutions.
Again let these symptoms you have chosen make the character indulge in some acts he dislikes; acts that are undesirable; acts that can also make him be rejected by his neighbors and colleagues.
This will push him and the main character more into putting up a vehement fight against the symptoms.

An example of a symptom and a distasteful act the minor character can indulge in is:
Where diarrhea will make him always visit the toilet; and sometimes mess up the toilet which now becomes irritating to other users. This will consequently help his neighbors to hate his existence. He will now become ashamed of himself, and then remain dejectedly in isolation.

NB: Message passed to the audience from (A) above includes:
(1) Symptoms of Ebola virus disease
(2) Consequences of the symptoms

(B) Create an external conflict for the main character.

Let the external conflict for the main character be a fight against the Ebola virus. This should be as a result of his passionate disposal and sympathy for his dearly minor character.
His fight against the virus should be after he has heard and read some information about the virus. This information should come from:
- The wild social media rumors about the virus. This consists of the ill-fated and mismanaged information on how to control the virus, and several cases of unsuspecting individuals who fell into this deceptive information.
- Authentic health facilities, institutions and agencies.

NB: Message passed to the audience from (B) above includes:
(1) What Ebola virus is all about; the nature of the virus, its mode of transmission, diagnosis, and its vaccine.
(2) People's perception and views about the virus

(C) Make the both types of conflicts tangle with each other.

The internal conflict should somehow frustrate the fight against the external conflict. This is in the sense that the main character will need to first of all keep the health condition of the minor character stabilized (internal conflict) before rising up to a fight against the virus (external conflict). He will also need to fight against those who ridicule and discriminate against the minor character (internal conflict).
After the above, he will now go all out in finding the actual means of diagnosis and treatment of the disease in order to save the life of his beloved one; and perhaps some other beloved characters that are also infected by the virus (external conflict).
In the course of his fight against the external conflict, the fight against the internal conflict should pop up at intervals.
In the end, the external conflict when fought and conquered will help solve completely, the internal conflict.

NB: Message passed to the audience from (C) above includes:
(1) Challenges in fighting Ebola virus
(2) Ways of fighting the virus
(3) Diagnosis, vaccines and treatment for the virus
(4) Lessons on avoiding and preventing the virus

The combination of the messages from the items (A), (B) and (C) will define the theme of the story in the screenplay.
The next thing you may now do it to choose a 'catchy' title.

Remember to contact me whenever you are ready to make your film. I am a good script writer, and a movie director, *winks*

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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