In a movie set at a location, during shooting, there is a situation where an actress argues with the movie director on how she, the actress would react to an action by her fellow actress.
She tells the director that she, the actress wants to act otherwise to a particular action that is written in the screenplay.
The director now let's her understand that the writer of the screenplay knows why he wrote the original action.
The director further explains to her that acting otherwise to the action may contradict an action or a dialogue in the earlier part of the screenplay; thereby making the parts of the story, the plot or the theme not to be in concord.
“If you perform an action or say anything out of what the writer has written, we may run into the risk of losing grip on the flow of the story” He explains. “A screen writer is a creator of a new world with every aspect of living inside it. A screenplay is a new world of its own” He adds.

Now, in as much as the director has stated exactly who a screenwriter is, he has also conferred some level of trustworthiness on him. The director has apparently vouched for the screen writer that he makes no avoidable mistakes in his creative writing.
In other words, the director says that;
Every actor trusts in the writer.
Every actor does what the writer commands.
Every actor says what the writer wants them to say.
Every actor must be the writer's creation.

All these translate to the fact that a screenwriter should be careful whenever he is writing. Actors do not exist without a screenplay. It's a screenplay that makes them what they are. And as a result, a screenwriter must not disappoint them by not helping them be what they are. A screenwriter should make his script very real. He should be very painstaking in outlining every bit of the script so that the actors can act without difficulties.

A screenwriter should not give room for actors to contemplate whether to act exactly what they find in the script or not.
A good screen writer writes with precision; and once the actors find out, they begin to build trust in him.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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